Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life & Death - Memorial Day

 We were sitting in Satura Bakery in Los Altos on Sunday, for our annual brioche donuts.

(We had been to Alta Mesa in memory of Gabriel's birthday.  
One of the saddest things about going to the cemetery is not just remembering our own boy.
It is all of the stories surrounding us that we don't know.
We see a young dad with three children visiting a grave.
We see an elderly gentleman carrying flowers & his walking cane, searching for a particular grave.
And, we cry.  Death is so sad.)

While we were eating our donuts, the kids were begging for a cake.
A beautiful white cake topped with berries.
Scott had just brought home a couple flats of berries.
So, I said, "okay!"
We'll make one ourselves at home.
I had wanted to try a recipe that Andrea shared last month.
Honey & Jam has it all typed out for you here.
It's a Dorie Greenspan recipe.  She can be trusted.  It had to be good.
It is.  Go bake one.  You will be glad you are alive.

Speaking of enjoying life,
I went to visit my 96 year old neighbor yesterday.
Gillian came with me & brought her some flowers.

She is so sharp & full of life. 
When I hear someone talk about how they don't want to get old;
how they think people get grouchy & difficult & depressed when they are old;
I think of Udell & how that does not describe her at all.
She can talk & talk & talk about how great life is.
I love it.  She loved life.  And she loves life.
She loves her good memories of all she did in life.
But, she is happy in her life right now, too.
She is a woman who has purposed to embrace life for what is.
She finds fun where she can.
Like how funny it was that the elastic had gotten too loose in her pants,
so yesterday, they were completely falling off.  
That didn't discourage her.  
That made her laugh.
(And I offered to sew new elastic in there, because it may not remain funny if it keeps happening!)
We have a choice.  We CAN see the lovely in life, at any age.

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