Adoption Resources

Where to Begin
Start at Rage Against the Minivan Blog.
Kristen has some excellent posts on adoption.
She is honest & educated & articulate.
Everything she wants people to know about adoption in a nutshell.
Honest Talk about Adoption Expenses
She also addresses the
"why are you adopting from somewhere else, when there are children here?" question.

The Connected Child - Dr Kathy Purvis
Are Those Kids Yours? - Cheri Register
Black Baby White Hands - Jaiya John
Adopted for Life - Robert Moore
20 Things Adopted Kids wish their Adoptive Parents Knew

Online Resources
Empowered to Connect
Moments with Love
A Place Called Simplicity
Flower Patch Farm Girl
Rage Against the Minivan
My Crazy Adoption
Together for Adoption
Christian Alliance for Orphans
LifeSong for Orphans Reflections

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