Friday, April 15, 2011

Our House {a little tour}

In honor of our adoption home study home visit tomorrow, 
I give you a mini house tour.

I love my home to pieces.  
But, I don't take great photos, 
or do a very good job on these little collages.
So, the tour is somewhat lame.

That collage was pretty much the "common spaces" of the house.
Not much of the kitchen because it was a pig sty when I took the photos.
And, minus the bathrooms.  You don't need to see that.

The room husband & I share.
See our wall of love?  
Breaking the "rule" of no kid pictures in the master bedroom.
We love it.
I wish I could figure how to make pillows look good on a bed.  
Do I just need loads more?

Baby Nursery.  I love this room.  It has a shag rug.
But, I never made a girl mobile.  

"Big" kid room collage.
ABC cross-stitch sampler in upper left corner by my mom.  (love it so much)
Snail from a Wee Wonderfuls pattern.  
Bright boxes from Target on white shelves - make shift dresser.


Linda said...

I see that you are truly a home maker. There will be no touring of Linda's house any time soon. :) I may be at home, but I wouldn't describe myself as a home maker. I'm more of a mess maker.

Melissa Joy said...

beautiful home, beautiful pictures...

Nicollerobidart said...

Praying that your visit goes well! I know you will be amazing and the kids will be adorable!

erksmom said...

not cheesy at all! I love seeing people's dwelling places.
Praying things go well for you guys!

Nessa said...

I love all the greens and white and the arches! Feels so fresh and calming.

Erin Adams said...

Linda, lol! Well... my house is a mess most of the time!

Erin Adams said...

Thanks Melissa!

Erin Adams said...

:) this made me laugh! (not the praying part.)
It was so low key! She really was just seeing that we have a house. Simple!!!

Erin Adams said...

Thanks Stef!

Stephanie said...

Who said there's a rule about no kid pictures in the master bedroom? Seems silly. Our kids are product of our love, after all...are they not? :)

Erin said...

Stephanie - I don't know where the "rule" originated. :) I've heard it a lot. And, we don't heed it. :)