Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's Play Monster!

Pretty much every time daddy comes in the door, someone shouts,
"Let's play monster!"
It isn't usually me.
I like to play other things.

Most often it is Peyton.
But Mo & Gillian love the game almost as much.
Although, during this particular outdoor fight,
Moira was too busy eating to join in.

Daddy loving

Embrace the Camera, Ya'll!  

p.s.  Do you know about Picnik?  
I didn't know about this free photo editor until this week.
Now I don't feel as left out, 
since I don't have Hipmatastic 
or whatever that cool iphone app is called.


big hair betty said...

Super cute! Doesn't Gillian look like Leah when she was little in the 2nd from top photo?

hannah singer said...

L O V E these photos, erin! precious glimpses of adoration.
(picnik IS super fun!)

Nicola S. said...

Get pictures Erin. My girls are the same, they love to rough and tumble with daddy!!

Wendy said...

Ahh.... playtime with Daddy! Fun pictures!

Erin said...

Sara - You are right. I agree!