Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fitting More Beds In Here

Okay readers.
We have a 3 bedroom house.
We have 4 kids here,
with another coming to our home in the next year or so.
In the future, we would like to add more than that, too.

So, here's the thing.
What is the best way to fit the beds in here?
I've been gathering inspiration ideas.
I have a Pinterest Kid Bed board here.

Some of them are a little ridiculous.
(As in, not space saving & super fancy & out of reach for us.)

Here are some of my favorite ideas -

Source: ohdeedoh.com via Erin on Pinterest

These hanging beds are so super neat.  LOVE.

Source: beds.edu.ms via Erin on Pinterest

Excellent Triple bunk.  Love it!
But, I don't know if our ceilings are high enough.

We could always just put the mattresses on the floor like this.
Then if they want room to play on the floor, the mattresses could be stacked.
(that sounds like dangerous fun.)

What do you think?  What are your ideas for making efficient use of space?
Organization isn't my strong suite.


Stef said...

I personally don't like the idea of mattresses on the floor, but only because it seems a bit chaotic and I'd have a hard time teaching "no jumping on the beds" when beds are all over the floor. That said, the picture you showed is very cute :)

I love the 3 and 4 stacked bunkbeds! I always wonder how safe those are. I guess if the railing is high enough and your ceiling is high enough it would work well! Remember the cages in the nursery at Valley? ;-)

Jacqui said...

the hanging beds are sooo awesome!! When i moved into a studio with no closet, I got a loft bed and put a clothes rack underneath... Ikea loft beds are a good way to save space (if the ceiling is high enough), and the metal ones were relatively inexpensive. I definitely think mattresses on the floor rob you of space. I always store things under beds :)

Erin said...

You girls are very right about the floor bed idea...

Thanks for your input. :)

(Stef, I totally loved the crib cages at Valley. Ha! They were so fun.)

Krista said...

I always wanted cupboard beds! Or the ship beds, or whatever they are called... Thought it would be so cool to have curtains to draw across my bed, and have a bookshelf inside of it!