Friday, April 8, 2011

(Five Minute Friday) If You Met Me...

I've been wanting to give Five Minute Fridays a go for a while.
I'm not a great writer. So, I'm not too sure how this will go.
But, the topic is too good to pass up.
The rules are -write for 5 minutes & publish as is. No editing.
Try it along with me!
The Gypsy Mama is the hostess. Go see her.

Today's topic - If You Met Me...


I you met me, you would hear me, too.
I have a loud laugh.
Very loud sometimes.
I also tend to talk too loudly.
I may not be the one if the group talking the most.
But, I could be the one talking the loudest.

I also smile a lot.
And make a lot of faces in general.
You may see me rolling my eyes.
Or making other unattractive faces.
I have a very expressive face.
Sometimes in a bad way.
I often look awful in photos, because of this.

Years ago, I had a guy ask,
"why do you always look so bad in photos?
It's not like you're an ugly girl in person."

I usually have a children with me now days.
Since I've got 4 kids & the oldest 4.
But, I certainly don't mind going out by myself.
Or better yet, just with my husband.

I usually wear jeans & a t-shirt & no make up.
But, I like to dress up, too.
I wear heels


Alright. Here are some photos for illustrative purposes.
(It is hard to leave this as is. My very first sentence isn't even good. Ha!)


irishmum2boys said...

Your post made me giggle, I loved the pictures of you! I get myself often into trouble because I am an eye roller too :) By the way you look lovely in your family picture :)

Undeservingrace said...

my daughter is 6 and is already using her beautiful face to show her emotions and thoughts. the use of eyes and eyebrows crack me up most of time. now following from 5 minute friday come by and say hello :)
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

anna said...

I love your laugh and your facial expressions. And who in the world made the photo comment...I know, I know, don't say...

emily said...

Tami and I always talk about your laugh!! It's the *Best*!! :)

Cailanmatthews said...

love your "about me" blip over on the on the side :)

Cailanmatthews said...

love your "about me" bit off to the side :)

Nicola said...

Erin, I love your laugh. I always have and your facial expressions are what make you, you.

Erin Adams said...

You may be able to guess. :)

Erin Adams said...

Oh no Tara. ;)
Thanks for the follow. You have a great blog!

Erin Adams said...

Do you have a blog? I couldn't find you on the 5 minute link up. I'd like to learn more about you, my fellow eye-roller! :)

Erin Adams said...

I love you girls! And miss you.

Erin Adams said...

Thanks! I clicked over to your blog. Gorgeous!

Erin Adams said...

love you, friend!

Stephanie said...

What a great writing prompt! I almost want to join in.

Tim says I talk loudly too. He often shushes me in public places...kindly, of course. ;)

I wear jeans and tee almost every day. In fact, I think it's high time I buy a few skirts for the summer.