Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just What I Always Wanted

I can't believe it.
My friend Julie Cahill,
professional wedding (plus more) photographer
gave us a family photo shoot.

Amazing! I am so happy.
Only a few days post shoot, she already has a post up
with some of the pictures.
Eek! I can't wait to see more.
Go look!


Krista S. said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS! She is SO good! I love them all. I really like the one of you and Scott and Kendall, the one of the kids laying on the blanket, and the one with Peyton in the tree trunk. They are all beautiful though.

erksmom said...

she did a wonderful job!! I love how natural and "easy" they are.
The ones of you and Scott were my favorite. Especially where you can see your legs and then your kids below you - very nice!

Brittany Martin said...

Great pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful day. I was amazed by the picture of your 3 older ones walking hand-in-hand from the back--they nearly look all the same size!

Lizzy said...

Moira is wearing the dress i got her, and Gill is wearing my old one that i gave her! so cute!!!!

Stephanie said...

I went and looked! So cute! So many to choose from!

Photography is one of the best gifts of all.

Erin said...

Lizzy, Yes! You have good taste, my sister. :)