Monday, April 25, 2011

Post Holiday

My family saved the day for us yesterday by making the
jello filled egg shells that Gillian was fully expecting.  
I didn't make any easter clothes for my family this year.
But, I did iron the clothes we wore to church.
Around here, that is a really special thing.
Happy Easter!
(I do keep my ironing out all the time.  
If you stop by, you may think "Oh, she's doing her ironing this morning."
No, she is not.  She just keeps the wrinkled clothes on the ironing board.  
And they never get ironed or worn.)

My mom was a genius & made the candy hunt really simple for the youngins.
She put candy in a little jar. 
One for each kid.  
Even the little kids get the same amount as the bigger kids.
And, all the candy gets found, 
instead of it getting left in the garden until the dog finds it 
& dies from chocolate overload.

I made strawberry shortcake for the dessert.
I left leftover shortcakes on my table over night.
I do stuff like that all the time.
I never finish cleaning up the kitchen in the evening.

This morning Moira got a few of the shortcakes & played a fun game.
I'm not sure what the name of the game was.
But, the way you play it is break the cakes into the tiniest crumbs you can 
& tower it up like a mountain on the edge of the table.
Then encourage the dogs to jump for it.

I wasn't too into the game.

The hyper level was high this morning.
So, I called my sister.
Instead of keeping the hyper ones in my own house, 
I tricked her into helping me take them to a cafe.
That way I could relax while she tried to keep them calm.
And I could give the wait staff a $4 tip to clean up our mess.

It was nice of her to come over.  
It was a day where I needed to talk to someone.
But, phone talking was nearly impossible.

While we sat in my living room talking, 
I was able to confirm something that I have suspected for the past week.
My living room does indeed, smell like a pet store.
Specifically, it smells the bottom of a rodent cage.
Strangely, we don't have rodents.
But, we do have filthy dogs.
And, in their old age, they no longer respect the "off the carpet" rule.

I have to think of a way to lose the dogs.  
Help me out here, friends.

On another note - I found something addicting to do 
while I am nursing the baby.
Pinterest.  I've been on their for a while.  
But this last week, I got really into it.
Even my husband is pinning now.

If you want an invitation to start pinning, I'll email one to you.

Happy Easter Monday.


Nicola S. said...

Great pictures of the kids hunting eggs. I love the story of Moria and the shortcake game. It sounds like something my children would do. Happy Easter Monday, Erin.

Nessa said...

I need a sister to trick... I just started "pinning" and it is addicting.

Stef said...

Haha! I think its funny that we're all having such similar "day after Easter's" this year :)

I'm going back to being an uptight Mom next year with the candy. I just don't see the need and our kids definitely just LOVE doing the egg hunt. After it was over I had to tell Ethan there was candy in the eggs... he had no idea- just thought the hunt itself was super fun.

I think you sound like you're in for some Spring cleaning! ;-)

Stef said...

oh, Pintrest... I still can't figure out what its for. Trisha seems to really like it, but I checked it out and cannot figure it out. Maybe you can enlighten me. Seems like a website where you just share pictures you took? with everyone? I don't get it.

Erin said...

Pinterest is a place to pin photos from all over the web into one place. They are idea boards, pretty much. Maybe food you want to make, decor ideas, projects to do someday with the kids, whatever. You can pin them all onto your "board" as a way of bookmarking things you like & inspiring other people, too. I'm sending you an email invite, Stef. You can see if you like it or not. It may not be your thing, though. I don't know. I can't find Trish on their. Tell her to "follow" me so I can follow her!

Stef said...

Oh, I see. Thanks for the internet. I don't think its my cup of tea, but looks neat!

I think Trisha has cut off family and Internet for the most part :(
I've not had contact from her for a long time. Otherwise I would.

Charlotte said...

I love the way you write Erin.

'I wasn't too into the game...' LOL

Thanks for explaining pining in more detail above...would you send me an invite and I'll see if I like it? Not sure though, if I need something that's addicting right now.

@Stef, reading your comment above; for some reason a couple weeks ago your sister Trisha was on my heart to pray for. Still praying...

Stef said...

Thank you, Charlotte!

Erin said...

Charlotte I don't see your email linked to your profile. Email me at & I will send you the Pinterest invitation. I know what you mean about not needing a time waster, though! :)
Stef - I was wondering if something was going on there with your sis. I have been praying for her. I've seen she has been off of facebook for a few weeks.

Krista said...

I love this post. I love the way you wrote it, it made me chuckle numerous times. And, I understand this post. We had such a similar day... it is still there a little bit today but not much.

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