Monday, April 4, 2011

A Wipe Out

Last week we had some incredible sunshine.
And, we had Nana & Papa here
We headed to the beach one warm morning.

It was lovely.
Peyton was nicely holding Papa's hand for a while.
But, after a while, he wanted the freedom to run.

He raced through the on coming waves.
He was laughing.
I shouted "be careful!"
And, he tripped.
Waves swept over him.
And he did not scream.
I did.

But, he was quickly lifted to safety.
Check out the sandy wave hair do.

He was brave enough to go back in,
even after the trip & fall.

On our walk back to the car,
he did quietly confide in me that he was a little afraid.
I said that's good, because the ocean is strong & dangerous.


love said...

oh, the learning of danger and taking away of their innocent abandon. it's so bittersweet. i know it's wonderful to have them have healthy fear, but hard on a mama's heart, too!
he's precious.

erksmom said...

oh, man! I remember this happening to me and it IS very scary! What a brave boy. Glad he's okay.

Erin Adams said...

The reckless abandon prior to the fall was adorable!

Erin Adams said...

I have a scary memory of the same thing when I was a kid, too!

Stephanie said...

I really like your answer to his fear - so honest, yet also reassuring.

Also, your post brought back vivid memories of when this first happened to me as a little girl on the beaches of Southern California. I was terrified by the sheer power of the ocean, but my dad reached down and saved me from the water's force.