Wednesday, November 23, 2011

counting blessings {all together now}

the kids just made these little hand-print turkeys
I asked them what they are thankful for - 

Gillian - 
"I am thankful that God loves us & for how beautiful leaves are in winter. (love Gillian)"

Peyton - 
"I am thankful for the trees & everything & I love God."

Moira - 
"I am thankful for God for He made animals."

Have a happy thanksgiving!

************I must update with Peyton's thankful list today - 
"I'm thankful for the sun, bees, girls & elephants."************

counting blessings {around the world}

41. Our dossier being in country, authenticated & translated.
We have been "officially" waiting for a referral for a month.

42. Orphan Sunday at our church was a blessing.  
I got to share during the worship service &  Scott & I got to host Orphan Sunday Coffeehouse
People where glad to learn about & support Gobena & Lifesong for Orphans

43. 31 Bits party
So fun!  Ladies were all excited about the business & the gorgeous product.  
It was so easy to host a house party.  You can do it, too!
You get sent a box of amazing necklaces & bracelets & getogether with your friends.  
Just put it all out & lethe girls fight over their favorites.  

44.  more fair trade shopping ideas
I'm thankful for all the businesses working hard to improve lives around the world.

45.  getting our ABBA application finally sent in.  
I'm thankful for all the adoption financial aid ministries outhere.

46.  people buying Just Love coffee to benefit our adoption.  thank you!
I'm thankful for everyone supporting us in adoption.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I was thinking on Micah 6:8 just recently.
It's perfect.  there is not an extra word in there.  
Every single word is key.

Every single word is inspiring & convicting to my heart.
How can a person do justly & love mercy & walk humbly?!  

Isn'this what everyone is crying out for.  
Justice.  Mercy!  For goodness sake, show some humility!

It seems impossible.
Only with our God.  
that is the only way.

Friday, November 18, 2011

hearts grow {in 5 minutes}

    I'm playing in Gypsy Mama's five minute friday today.
    Here's the rules -
    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
    2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
    3. Most importantly: leave a comment for the person who linked up before you – encouraging them in their writing!
OK, are you ready? 
5 minutes


it is amazing how a heart can grow.
we sathere on the white sand, was ithe island Virgin Gorda?
I wanted a chance to talk to you & you swam to a little spot on the shore with just me.
I could feel it.  My heart was growing.  It was growing with love for you.

You started emailing me.  We had great conversations.
You called me while we were both supposed to be working.
You came to my house to drink tea & play the card game of hearts.
My heart was growing.
in love with you.

We got married & our hearts seemed so fat with love.
But, it never stopped, my heart kept growing.

We wenthrough great pain our first year. 
Our love grew through it. strong.  tight.  
Our hearts were growing together & filling with love for our new son.


And it keeps on.  year after year.
child after child.
our hearts grow.
and there is room for each new heart.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Counting Blessings {home life}

26.  mopped floors

27.  shampood carpets

28.  dancing with the kids

29.  Avengers playtime  

Gillian is Black Panther, waiting on her mountain for the other superheros

30.  Gillian's current fondness for doing chores

31.  a freezer packed with a locally raised & butchered pig

32.  spaghetti with sausage from said pig

33.  candlelight

34.  finally being unpacked from our Macdoel trip

35.  Bath time for everyone.

36.  Kendall (usually) sleeping better at night

37.  coffee

38.  bedtime singing for the kids

39.  evening prayer with Scott

40.  Pumpkin cookies with Brown Butter icing

Counting Blessings {happy hollow}

Probably most of you all know abou
Ann Voskamp's journal challenge to folks to keep track of all the gifts they are grateful for.
Well, I started that a long time agototally failed to keep it up.

I am not ready to re-commito doing this for an extended time period.  
I will, however, attempto count my gifts through November.

(Can you believe we are well into November?!  
I planned to write this post a week ago.  See?  So far, not so good.)

I goto 13 last summer.  So, here we start a

14.  last minute family holiday at Happy Hollow

15.  Hummingbirds, returning to our backyard.

16.  Having Scott who is happy to share & do life with me. 

17.  Peyton's sense of humor.

 18. Moira's joy.

19.  Gillian's imagination.

20.  Gorgeous November weather. 

21.  Picnics

22.  Kendall's teeth coming through.

23.  Being able to watch Kendall explore & discover.

24.  Brave kids who love a good thrill.

25.  Coconut Curry in the freezer for dinner after a long day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

God Speaks to Me (the question is, Am I listening?)

I have been feeling like I have no idea what I am doing each day.
In this thing called parenting.

When the same issues keep resurfacing - 
no one is sleeping, no one seems to listen to me, everyone seems to be picking on another...
I have no idea what to do.  Nothing I have ever tried in the past seems to be changing things.
I don't know how to be the good mom I want to be.
I wonder how to do right by my children.

And I know I should not be listening to myself.
Someone else is trying to speak truth to me.
Yet I seem to love the sound of my own angry voice.

He doesn't give up, though.
He keeps pressing in with His love. 
I hear an answer faintly as I read some of my regular blogs.
"You need to abide in Me."

I come to a breaking point again, 
& I wonder, what am I doing so wrong to mess up everyday?
I pick up the book a friend lent to me a couple months ago & finally crack it open.
I hear His voice stronger now.  "Come to Me, you weary daughter."
"Come drink from My well of grace."

I sit in the pew at church & listen.
His voice is right in my ear & I can hear nothing else.
"Cast your care at my feet.  I am listening.  Are you?
All the power you need for your daily calling is found in Me."

I bow my neck that is rather stiff (from nursing all the time?) & say, "Yes, now I am."

When I listen, I hear Him remind me all day long, 
"Abide in Me, & I will give you what you need.
I am  him who is able to do immeasurably more 
than all you ask or imagine, 
according to My power that is at work within you."

p.s. a favorite quote from the book, Spiritual Parenting - 
"...parent in a way that does not simply spend hours 
but also allows [you] to invest [your] days toward eternity."