Thursday, February 28, 2008

His Sweet Face

Here's a photo of our sweet boy, taking his morning nap. We are totally in love with him.
Both of my babes are sleeping peacefully right now. I plan to join them in that soon...

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Kids Today

Just look at them! My kids are being so lovely today. Really.

Daddy went back to work. But, the kids are being so good, I still got a nap.

Peyton will be a week old tomorrow. My, how times flies. It seems like just yesterday he was born. (I guess it was almost yesterday...)

He had his first check up at the doctor today. He's back up to his birthweight, and then some. But, he still seems so skinny. And, our little Gillian is seeming so big these days!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The new role: Big Sis

Here are some photos of Gillian learning that Baby Peyton is, in fact, a baby...not just mommy's belly. Between the time we got home, a little before noon, and her bedtime, which was a minute ago, she must have showered Peyton with 3 or 4 dozen kisses! Just as her parents kept telling her, a baby brother IS better than a dog!

I just had to throw this photo in here. Gillian is turning into quite the shoe fanatic. Now, to double her pleasure in her ever growing shoe collection, she has taken to wearing one of each. Why limit yourself to just one fantastic pair at a time?? Maximize and accessorize! That's her motto.

Peyton Michael Adams

Peyton is here! He was born Tuesday, February 19th. He surprised us by being smaller than his sister was - weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces.

We are now all home together & things are going well for everyone.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

About Town

For our Saturday outing, we went to Far West Nursery, got a few plants for the yard & had fun just roaming around. Gillian started out contentedly riding in the wagon. She then wanted to help push it & just run around. By the end, while dad was paying, she was just sitting on the ground, sucking on stones.

Then we grabbed lunch & headed down to the beach at Pajaro Dunes. Gillian loved it. I intended it to be a good walk time for me. But, Gillian didn't want to walk too much. It was just way too fun to sit in the sand. We took the dogs with us for the day. Gillian loved that.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have finished all my "Peyton" projects. So, I now I am ready for him to come. (This week would be perfect - how about it boy?) We are going to go walking today. Apparently,
that's the trick to bring on labor, right?

Here is his baby quilt. I like the way it turned out. The bobbin on my sewing machine was acting up, just as I was finishing the assembling. So, I decided to try hand-quilting. I didn't do anything fancy, or much of it. I only did 8 squares. But, it was fun & good practice.
The backing is an off-white baby corduroy that I already had, & the grayish brown squares are some scraps of (really soft) flannel that I had. Oh, and the blue on blue dot I already had, from I don't know when or what project. It was just sitting in a box.
The rest is new -from an adorable little sewing shop in Carmel, called Findings. Be careful. The tiny place is packed full of things you will want to take home, if you choose to step foot in there.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Celebrate Love

We are big supporters of celebrating love. So, we celebrate Valentine's Day in this house. I have always been a huge fan. And, Scott probably had to learn to become a fan, after marrying me (since I probably would've had a total emotional breakdown, if he were to poo-poo the day).

Anyway. Scott took me to our favorite restaurant for dinner, Gabriella Cafe. The place oozes charm & romance, plus everything is delicious!

I got him the "green box" from San Francisco's Recchiuti Confections. We've tried 2 truffles so far. They are incredible.

Here is the Valentine I made him this year.

And, for Gillian, here is her Valentine. We gave her a big mylar heart balloon, like she'd been begging for the last week in the grocery store.

I usually like to make goodies for everyone. But, knew I didn't feel like that this year. So, I bought some bakery sugar cookies for my family. But, when we went over there yesterday, I forgot them. Ah! Speaking of forgetting stuff... I went to my OB check up this morning, forgetting my shoes. I was wearing my slippers. Uh..................

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Boy

I think I should give my boy (man, husband, Scott) a hand, here on this blog. A big reason why I get through certain days, without totally loosing it, is him. He helps me with house work, taking care of Gillian, doesn't complain if I serve him mediocre food, doesn't complain if the house is a PIG STY, only gets mildly worried if he has no clean underwear & if I whine enough, he gives me a good massage in the evening.
One example - on his lunch break today, he washed dishes for me. See? He is an amazing husband. He already thinks that, I know. So, this is for everyone else to know. Since, he already knows.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Peanut for Gianna

I went to a shower for baby Gianna yesterday. It was a lovely tea party shower.
I made her a little stuffed elephant & wrapped it in this cupcake paper. I've had this paper for a couple years & hadn't been willing to use it. Now, I finally decided to open it, and start using it!

This is Peanut, the Wee Elephant. This pattern (like a few other adorable ones I have tried) is by Hilary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls. It was a fast little project. I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out, too. The pattern is in a great little book, Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. The directions don't explain parts of it very well (at least, for me, it was confusing). But, once I got past the beginning, it was pretty easy to figure out, even without the directions.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Tuscan Farmer

Scott was able to get a few garden jobs done today. Our yards are looking really nice.
He also harvested tons of gorgeous Meyer lemons from our tree. See the abundance.

Golden Girl

Today we took some sandwiches to the park & played around a bit. The weather was fantastic. We had a good time relaxing, picking daisies & people watching.

Then after the park, we did a little shopping at Saffron & Genieve.

Then Gillian & I waited at the Salon, while daddy got his hair cut. I usually do his hair, but I really haven't felt like doing it in recent days, so I made him an appointment at my salon. Check out Gillian waiting in this chair. She is sporting her new golden shoes that her Grandma Kathy sent her a couple weeks ago.
Oh. And, we started the morning with Scott bringing us home donuts. He got Gillian a special Valentine's donut, heart shaped with icing & heart sprinkles. She did enjoy.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Waiting Around

We haven't been going many places lately. Just hanging at home. Gillian & I have enjoyed reading & dancing & just playing around.

The other day Cousin Jack came over to play. This afternoon, Uncle Jake is here to play.

Finished Airplanes

I finished all the airplanes! I think we'll wait to assemble the mobile (just dowels & fishing wire) until we are actually going to hang it. That way, it doesn't get tangled in the closet...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Process

My last baby projects - Hopefully I'll get them at least mostly done before Peyton arrives... Not too far on this one yet... Here are the fabrics for Peyton's quilt. It'll just be a simple block quilt, though. Not too time consuming.

Here is one of the planes I am making, for Peyton's plane mobile. I am making for little felt planes, and they are mostly done. This project may be done by this weekend!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Basket

Here is our newborn set-up, in our bedroom - ready for baby Peyton.

My mom gave me the Moses basket. I think she may have found it at a garage sale, or something, before Anna was born (!! Anna will be 18 in two weeks!!). So, the basket has lasted quite a while!
I made the bumper & mattress before Gabriel was born & Scott built the wooden rocker stand before Gillian was born. Peyton's sock elephant is waiting inside for him & so is this snuggly blanket Josh & Steph got for me. Our friend Lauren made it & sold it at a craft fair. Can you see the cool fringe on it?

Monday, February 4, 2008


We finished the nursery this weekend! Yippee!
It is still Gillian's room. We tried to do it little kid, rather than boy or girl. Hopefully Gillian & Peyton will share the room in several months. Gillian seems pretty pleased with her room - although she doesn't look like it in this picture. Hey! She just woke up!
Gillian wanted a photo of her hippo....

The beautiful red color on the walls was already here, when we moved in. We painted the trim this gray & we love it! The paint we used is clay paint. It is really neat stuff. And, you can paint when you are pregnant. It's safe! And, you can paint in a room where your baby is sleeping already. It's safe! Check it out. It really smells & feels & looks like clay. Really neat.
I love the Dick, Jane & Sally prints we have been finding for the walls. My parents mounted these "rules" for me, for Christmas. Our favorite is the "we go to bed early" one!