Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tummy

38 Weeks

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For the Daddy

Scott has been out of town since Saturday morning & we really miss him! I was trying to take some pictures for him, without too much cooperation....

Gillian, just now, finally wanted to give a good smile for Daddy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moira Has a Little Lamb

Just completed. Moira's little stuffy animal. Sock animals are so quick. Gillian loves this lamb. She has never had much interest in the teddy I made for her, before she was born - until now. She was very interested in the whole process of making the lamb & seemed quite disappointed that the little thing was for Moira. But, when I told her that I made this teddy bear for her, when she was in my tummy - she embraced it eagerly, declared how nice it is & she thanked me for it (it's about time. Geesh!)
I made this little sock lamb with a boy's sock, per Raya's suggestion. My lamb is still not as cute as hers. But, I think it turned out far less lanky & awkward as my last lamb.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Painting Makes her Happy

Gillian loves painting & doing art projects. I love to see her so happy. And, I am trying to learn greater patience, in all the messes it creates! The stuffs washable. I really should just be chill....

He's So Green

We recently bought a sandbox for the kids. Peyton enjoys is daily. A few days ago I bought some really cool sand toys. Check out Green Toys. They are so nice & sturdy! We have the sand set & the dump truck in the toy box.

They Should be Pink

We stopped at Susi's to get some flowers today. Gillian was really hoping we would get pink. Good thing there were a few pink peonies available to us! The white snowball viburnums are mine, from my yard. Scott bought me a wonderful plant last year & it has had a nice little crop of flowers this spring. They are my favorites!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Make Spaghetti

I haven't done any good blogging lately. Sorry. I haven't been much into the computer. I've had blog posts in my head. But, I haven't felt like ever putting them onto the blog!

Our baby is due in 3 weeks. Scott is traveling for business for the next 2. Pray she is not early!

Last week, before his really heavy work load began, I was laying in bed at 3am, unable to sleep. As the clock ticked on, I let the troubles build up. I wasn't feeling up to managing everything alone. What was I going to do? I didn't want to have to deal with Gillian crying every time I told her no (no, you can't have a candy right now. no, you can't eat that stick of butter. no, you can't watch more movie....) I didn't want to have to listen to Peyton screaming when he wants to be held all the time, but it is just not possible. I didn't want to get more groceries. I didn't want to cook more food. I didn't want to think about any of that. I was feeling so ready to just be in the hospital bed, post birth of Moira, not having to do anything but rest & nurse her.

Before I finally went to sleep that morning, I finally told myself that I didn't need freak out so much. I could just make Spaghetti for dinner. What's wrong with that? I wouldn't even need to go to the store...

Things have been fine. God is good & provides the grace needed - if I depend on Him! The last few days, I have noticed how delightful my kids are. Are they happier lately? Is it because I have had a better attitude? I don't think so... Maybe I just now noticed things that I was noticing before? Anyway. They have had such funny bone lately. It is so cute. It makes me happy!

I still have a lot of things left on my nesting list to do. But, I am really pleased with how much has been done, too. My home is slowing becoming a more organized place. That is a lovely thing. I sewed new curtains for the kids' bedroom. And, the valances are partially done. I have the fabrics for Moira's blanket quilt mostly ironed & almost ready to cut. I have almost everything together that I want to put into a gift package for the kids, while I am at the hospital. Things are getting done... And, what doesn't get done - I'm okay with it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Old Tie

Here's another thing I bought at Goodwill recently. Isn't it such cool tie?! Scott took me out on a little dinner date last weekend. And, he got dressed up. Since he had the cool tie - might as well wear it.

The One

I just learned that I have one blog follower.
So, I just wanted to give a shout out to her - "Hey Brittany!"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer in April

We went to the pool with my mom yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. Nice enough to be in the pool (for a short time) even at 4 pm!
Peyton & me, with my 34 week baby belly.

Gillian & Grandma

Peyton was being so independent on the playground. That was so nice. For about the last month, he has been super-clingy-boy. It is really tiring for us. He screams when he is not right with mom or dad. Is this "separation anxiety" & something that will just pass?! Have we spoiled him? Does he do this when he is not feeling well? I am not sure if maybe we spoil him a bit, because he is generally not feeling well, due to some sort of issue. I don't know... But!! He was happy & independent on the playground yesterday. NICE.
He had double ear infections about a month ago. Then, 2 weeks ago, he got the worst sunburn I have ever seen. Gnarly!!! We had to go to the doctor for special burn treatment. And, this was in March! He is still recovering from this incident. Now I am on the search for cool SPF clothes. I found that I can buy fabric by the yard. I may just do that. The tunic he is wearing at the pool picture is the only shirt I have found so far, that I really like. If you see something neat, send me the link or info!

This was hard to push in the sand. But, she stuck to it.

Look how big he is!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Even the Strange Ones

Our local CSA started up deliveries two weeks ago. Tomorrow we get our third produce box of the year. I am really impressed with how little we have left in our fridge. Especially with all the odd ones they've been throwing our way. Parsley Root? That is one of the things still hanging out in my fridge, waiting to be used...
I used the Orach. You've never heard of it?! Ah. Neither had I. But, it is kinda like purple baby spinach. I didn't do anything genius with it. Just served it as a side green twice, sauteed in olive oil.
I only have a little bit of Escarole left. And, we ate all of our Arugula.
I used the last of the green garlic today. But, we will see if I can keep this up. We get more tomorrow!
Today for our mid-day meal, we had an old favorite - Leek, Potato & Tarragon soup. I used green garlic instead of regular & that worked really well. I made these tasty little Gougeres to go along side. The recipe is from Molly Wizenburg of Orangette. Can you believe I didn't realize only today that she was in town here for a book signing 2 weeks ago?! I could've met her. Bah! Pooh!
Anyway. I am going to go lay down soon. My daughter, who usually takes great naps, disappointed me by getting up after 40 minutes yesterday. I'd better seize the moment.

Passing On

When I was a young child, I was given this little trunk for a Christmas gift from my aunt Nancy.
She generally gave some of the best gifts. But, this was the best gift ever. It felt like such a grown-up thing to be given. Krista got one, too. We loved them. And, I still love it. This gift has stood the test of time.
When I was little, I used it for all my doll clothes, and their other various belongings.
(Look at the wallpaper lining the inside. Isn't that pretty?!!)
Yesterday I converted it to a dress-up trunk. The kids are pretty happy with that. I have very little in there, at this point. But, it will be fun to scout out thrift stores & such for more. Poor Peyton only has one boy item. But, the stash will grow.