Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Home-school Year Begun (and dealing with Expectations vs. Reality)

I started this post after our first week of school.  2013 school photos.
But, didn't write any of my thoughts.   
Thoughts about the year starting off shaky, 
with the expectations we all had about the school year 
colliding with the reality of each day.
But, on a similar note, my expectation of actually sitting down 
and writing out those thoughts didn't quite come in line with the reality.  
The reality that I never did that.
But, here are the photos of the kids, first day of school.
Home * September * 2013 

Kendall.  2 1/2 years old

Moira.  4 years old

Peyton. 5 years old

Gillian.  Almost 7 at this point

Anyway.  So.  There is the record of our school year beginning.  
With thoughts in my mind, but not much written.
So be it.