Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Homemade Christmas

I am making presents for everyone this year. It is so fun! And, it is actually easier than dragging Gillian around to various stores. I can't post most on here, lest the receiver sees it. I'll do a post after Christmas with the gifts. But, here is the apron I made for Gillian. You can see that now, 'cuz I know she doesn't read this blog.

The Big, Round Ball

Here it is. My pregnant tummy. Krista took this picture last night at A.J. Spurs. Hence, the cowboy decor.

Here is Gillian saying hello to Peyton.

He Did It!

My brother David graduated from Fire Academy yesterday. Wow!!! He attended Monterey Peninsula College, & now he is done & off to find a Fire Fighting position!

It was a good ceremony. I cried a number of times. I've never cried at a graduation. I am very proud of my little brother.
Here is David at the front of his squad, standing at attention for uniform inspection.

My Dad took us all out for dinner afterward, to celebrate. Gillian is very proud of her Uncle David. David looks a little shocked. He's finally done...

Monday, December 17, 2007

In Answer to the Demand

Krista has commanded photos of Gillian. Here's what I've got -

Last week, I got this picture of Gillian, looking out the window, watching her doggies. They had to be sent outside, because she was eating snacks, & one of the dogs (Buzz....) tries to knock food out of her hand...
This is Gillian, a few nights ago, fresh out of the bath...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Critters in our Tree

Scott loves critters. I do too, especially when they are like these - just cute, requiring no work on my part!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sew, Everyone, Sew

I have added a new link to my site. My sister told me about the daily Christmas gift projects posted on Sew, Mama, Sew. Today I have decided that I will make the Fabulous Fifties bib. I have the exact fabric they use, just sitting in my closet...

I also love the baby shoes listed today. But, I don't think I'll take on that project right now. Maybe later...

An Outing

Gillian went on her first outing yesterday, without mommy & daddy...

Grandma & Grandpa took her to ice cream & for a walk along the slough, to see the ducks. I think she must have had a great time. Because when they came back home & my parents started to leave, she started screaming! She really likes grandma & papa.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Stockings

I have finished Gillian's stocking. Hooray! The ones I made for Scott & I a couple years ago are hand-pieced & stitched "crazy quilt" style with vintage fabrics. That took me a long time. At that time, I was on bed-rest. So, I had the heaps of time. That is what I had.

I tried to do a coordinating one for Gillian, but make a way easier one. This one has a little bit of embroidery, but not much, & not much piecing of fabric. And, its bigger than the first set. The ones I made for Scott & I barely fit a DVD. Oops. Merry Christmas - enjoy this pair of underwear. Sorry - but I couldn't fit anything else in your stocking...

Christmas Time is Here

We got our little tree this weekend. I love setting up the Christmas tree!

We went out in the morning & picked out a little 4 footer. We set it up at home, while Gillian took her nap. She was so excited when she got up & saw her transformed living room. Christmas with her is going to be a blast!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fall Fundraising

The CFT auction was last night. It was fun! It went really well. But, it feels good to have it done. Here are some photos of some of the flower arrangements I put together for the event.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doing it Simply

Yesterday was my good husband's birthday. I pretty much don't make him breakfast on weekdays. And, I don't get him bacon very often. But, yesterday, when he got up to give Gillian her morning bottle, I too, pulled myself out of bed. Bacon, eggs & toast is so simple. I shouldn't act like it was some big feat. But, I did it. And, he was glad & I was glad.

Since I haven't been feeling too well lately, I didn't plan any gourmet dinner. I went to the Pink Godzilla & ordered take-out Sushi. He is a sushi fan, loving Sashimi most of all. But, I kinda bombed that one. I don't know too much about the Japanese / sushi lingo. And, I bought him Maguro Natto. The Sashimi came in a weird soybean pile with a raw egg yolk on top. But, Scott is a trooper. I guessed he liked it anyway. My homemade contribution to dinner was a Spiced Orange cocktail & beer-batter Tempura. Those were both a success.

Dessert was Panna Cotta with Fig & Cranberry Compote. (I know, not paired well with the dinner menu... Japanese - Italian....) That was tasty. Gillian was crazy for it. It was really easy, too. I am glad Scott requested something simple.

I had dreamed of making a Mille Crepe Cake. Crepe layered with custard, piled up like a cake. But, Scott was sly & picked something easy, knowing that when I am overly ambitious, I am a none-too-pleasant stress mess. And, I don't think that would've been a very good birthday present...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Daddy's Girl

We had a really nice Thanksgiving vacation. Scott had 4 days off of work! Gillian got totally spoiled having daddy around all the time. When he was leaving for work this morning, she was gripping on to him so tight, with much hollering & many tears. She seems okay now - realizing that mom is not so bad.
One of the things we did this weekend was go to the playground at the school down the street from our house. It is a cool, old school one. Wooden & metal. A dangerous jungle gym, many monkey bars, a tall spiral slide...
Gillian loved sliding. That was the best. Grandma came with some of the uncles & aunt. So, that made it all the more fun.

A Good Scrap

This is kinda a weird picture... But, it is an absolutely gorgeous piece of wool I scored for 6 bucks at my local fabric store. Apparently is wholesales for $40 a yard. It is not enough for a throw blanket, so I think I will make pillows for my couch. It is a great pumpkin orange color. I am so excited about it....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Memorable Holidays

We are having a good weekend.
Thanksgiving was great, not lacking in excitement.
Leah made a great Tea-Brined Turkey. Beautiful & delicious. She cooked it on the grill. The thermometer read that is should be done. After letting it rest, my dad went to carve it. Raw. So, the turkey went into the oven for a quick finish. But then.... the whole oven door fell off! So, while we were just trying to finish the turkey quickly, my dad had to get the oven put back together.
Dinner was great, and not too much later than planned! A good, memorable celebration.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Supporting my Lumbar

I am feeling so pregnant these days. And I am only 26 weeks pregnant. One whole trimester to go. Today I picked up a "Lumbar Support" that my doc recommended. It claims that it will relieve my pain in my back, legs & abdomen. That covers a lot of the regions that are aching. So, let's hope it delivers on its promises. That would be nice.
I haven't posted anything on here in a while, 'cuz I have a hard time sitting in this desk chair for very long. So, instead I have been sitting on the couch, embroidering Gillian's Christmas stocking. (If you are wondering why she didn't have one her first Christmas, it's because I just didn't care enough. Yep. We opened our stockings while the little 2.5 month old was snoozing in her bassinet...)
I took my second Glucose tolerance test this morning, for this pregnancy. I hope it is the last. For Gillian, I kept coming up "borderline" & had to do the 3 hour test several times. Blech!
Speaking of pregnancy & bellies, I will post a pic of my tummy (Melissa...), I will. This weekend I will have someone take a picture, okay?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


We got Gillian this little wooden walker toy for an early Christmas gift, to help her become a strong walker. She loves it. She pushes it forward in a straight line, and can go backward. But, has not figured out how to turn. She tries, though. It's pretty funny.
It's a cool toy, made by Haba - a German toy company. It is a carriage, or something like a baby stroller. A small child, dog, or doll, or whatever can sit in the front. Gillian likes to push & ride.
I don't know if you can tell in the photo. But, she is wearing only one shoe. She usually wants her shoes on, in the morning. This morning, she only wanted one, for some reason.
She's been really adorable today. One reason - she started saying ma ma recently. It is pretty fun to have her run to me, saying ma ma. I love it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pom-Pom Toms

Decorating for Thanksgiving!
I made these little pom-pom turkeys a few years ago, with my younger siblings. They were tons of fun! I love when the time comes, from them to come out of the box, & onto to table.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Little Blue Riding Hood

Gillian's Grandma Lutz made her this adorable blue suede cape for Christmas last year. She loves it. It is the only "coat" that she will wear. Oh. And, did I mention she started walking last week?!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Snail #2

This little guy will be available at the CFT Auction. I like him. He looks kinda smurfy to me.

Another Sock Reborn

Meet the newest sock creation - Lamb. I am going to put her up for sale at the auction, to raise money for Covenant Family Tutorial - November 30th. Come! It's dessert, too. Not just bidding.


Yesterday we spent some time with my family, who hadn't seen Gillian in 2 weeks. (Ouch!) We went to see the younger kids at their house-riding lessons. Gillian loved getting horse kisses. Here she is with Grandma, getting a kiss from Aunt Lizzie's favorite horse, Patch.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Doggies

Buzz. Well, I guess his full name is Buzz Saw. I believe my husband choose that name for the lovely snoring sounds that this dog is constantly making. The folks who bred the Pug dog were very twisted, in my opinion. "The short nose is humorous - who cares if the dog can't breath?"

Reasons why I should adore this dog -

  • He doesn't really bark. He is physically unable.
  • He has never "relieved" himself in any of my homes.
  • He is as soft as a bunny rabbit.
  • He is gentle with my daughter.
  • He is beloved by my husband & daughter.
  • He really is cute.
  • He eats anything I drop on the floor while cooking.

Reasons why I just don't -

  • He smells really yucky, as most animals do.
  • When he gets worked up & anxious, his heavy breathing/snorting is so aggravating.
  • He sheds pounds of hair, all over my house.
  • He cries & whines when he doesn't get his way.
  • He hardly ever responds when we call.
  • He cries & snuffles, waiting for me to have a mishap, & drop something while cooking.

Murphy. He is a terrier of some sort. We thought he was pretty sweet when we first picked him up from the pound....

Reasons I should be really grateful we brought this dog home -

  • He always comes when I call. If I call Murphy, Buzz, dog, puppy, stinkhead. He comes running, eagerly.
  • He is not a beggar.
  • He obeys rules & fears disapproval.
  • He lets my daughter pull on him, sit on him, use him as a support when she stands. He is very patient.
  • The rest of my family does seem to like him pretty well.

Reasons why I am not -

  • He smells even worse than Buzz. Something I didn't know was possible, before we got him.
  • He yipes sometimes, waking my child.
  • I won't forget all the times he urinated & defecated on the carpet of my first home. Nor the door he chewed straight through, the carpet he clawed through, the wall he dug a hole in....
  • He gives kisses constantly on any bare flesh he can find - it tickles & is really annoying.
  • He is so needy.
  • He drags all kinds of leaves & twigs & dirt clods into my house.
  • He just pretty much annoys me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Scenes from Macdoel

Fields of raspberry plants being harvested.

Our home away from home. The trailer. I am not too educated in trailers. But, I reckon it is a double-wide, since it has two license plates...

The view from our front porch.

Gillian - checking out the view.

Gillian loves going inside here to hear the echos.

Mr. Elk hangs right outside of Gillian's room. She is thrilled to greet him every time she wakes up.

Uh. A tractor.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sock Toys

I first read about Sock & Glove on the Bluelines. I really wanted to get that book... Going to Macdoel, & needing projects to do, was a good enough reason to buy it.

Now, with the book in hand, I was able to make this great Sock Elephant for baby Peyton. So fun! It was way faster of a project than the knit teddy I made for Gillian.