Why Adoption?

Scott told me passionately about his desire to adopt someday, 
seven years ago,
while we were on our second date.
I listened.  I told him that sounded very nice, but...

But - don't you want to have your own kids?
But - how will the biological & adopted kids get along like family?
But - I've seen examples of where it has been hard for people.
But - it is so expensive.
But - but, but... I'm not so sure it will work for us.
Scott's not really an arguer.  So, he didn't argue with me.
And, he married me anyway.  (Praise God!)
And, it was God who changed my heart.

My heart starting being pulled toward adoption gradually,
after we faced our own tragedy of finding out 
our first born baby was going to die at birth.

My view of my own life changed.  
When you see hardship face to face, 
it becomes easier to recognize hardship 
in other peoples faces.

My compassion grew.
And, God opened my ears to the cries of the orphan.

Since shortly after Gillian's birth, we have been purposing to adopt.
We began the adoption process back then, when she was only a few months old.
But, when I got pregnant with Peyton, it didn't seem the right time to continue.
We withdrew.

I think God knew we needed more reality checks on the real deal of parenting.
I don't think that was the right time.

But, the desire never left either Scott or I.
And, here we are again.  
We are going for it.

update February 2012 - we have had our dossier in country since the end of October.
We are now waiting, probably for several more months at least, for our referral.

update October 2012 - we have been DTE (dossier to Ethi0pia) for one year.  With current time estimates, we could be waiting one more year for a referral.  In the coming months we will be updating all our paperwork before they expire.

**If you would like more specific info on where we are adopting from & such details, email me!

eadamsdesigns at gmail dot com


Unknown said...

Hey Eirn!
This is so awesome! I have always wanted to adopt from Russia.. When I was little, I wanted a little brother or sister. God gave me your family to be part of.. When I moved to Tahoe. God put another family in my life that ended up having 10 children in the family. I now have 1 older brother (Lance) and 10 younger siblings. Through both families I have learned. It's not blood that brings you together it's God and his love. Since I was 12 I wanted to adopt.. And it was always Russia..
Blessings in this journey you are on... My advice to you is learn all you can on mental illness in children.I work at a group home and I have worked with a few clients that have been adopted. Some of there behavior issues could have been headed off if the parents were aware of what they were looking at. Keep me posted..
Stephanie McCaw

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited to watch as your story unfolds, Erin! Adoption is a wonderful thing (and sometimes Tim & I wonder if it will be part of our story too...).


Unknown said...

nice to "meet" you and your beautiful family. i'm excited for you. you will never regret saying yes!!

hannah singer said...

just celebrated our second "gotcha day" with our little boy, elijah!
adoption is beautiful, and our hearts calling-waiting now to for another child to love forever!
praying for you!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I'm so glad I came across this. We are considering adoption. We are just praying and seeing what God has in store for us. Thanks for sharing.

mommyjennie said...

hi erin!! thanks for commenting on my blog and i want to wish your family the best of luck on your adoption journey. i too have an adopted child and it was without a doubt the hardest thing i'd ever had to cope with. the power of prayer can move mountains. reach for the stars:) i'm following your blog now and can't wait to see what happens!!!

Stacey Janning said...

Being adopted is the best thing that ever happened to me! You will never completely understand the impact you will have! Good luck with fulfilling your dreams!