Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Capture {Pink}

I am participating, for the first time, in 
You Capture photography project.
Beth at I Should be Folding Laundry is the host.
This week's assignment was PINK.

My pink ranunculus.
Ranunculus is a one reason I love spring.  

Another beauty - 

My eldest is a lover of pink.
And she herself was pretty flushed in pink,
after an afternoon of tree climbing, 
bird watching, Godzilla fighting, 
& watermelon eating.

And how about these pink lips?

This little sweetie is a waiting orphan girl.
Waiting for her forever family.

My friend Love is coordinating an effort 
to raise up the money for her adoption.
Go check out all she says here at Moments with Love.
The plan is to have a party, with 10 people bringing $20 each.
She is trying for 150 parties.
10 people x $20 x 150 parties = $30,000.

If you live near me, come to our park party on May 2nd.
Or, have your own party!
It can be anything.



hannah singer said...

beautiful! my fave flower!
your girl is precious, sweet pink cheeks:)

i am super thrilled about this party/fundraiser love is doing! praise jesus! linking up! xo

Life with Kaishon said...

Those flowers are so pretty. I would love to see one in person. I cried about the little girl. I love that you are hosting a party. What a beautiful person you must be!

love said...

love those flowers! LOVE those little lips! =)

thanks for joining us! i answered your question in the comments of that post! =)

thankful for you!! =)

Nicola S. said...

Erin, I love your new design with your blog. So cute! What a great family picture. I miss you a lot as well. I wanted you to know that the girls and I are coming to CA in a few weeks. I would love to spent some time with you all. Just call me or I'll call you. Love you.

Erin said...

Cola! Weeee! I hope we don't miss each other. We'll be doing the Nursery plant & never know the exact dates. Let's keep in touch about dates.

Ray said...

The first shot is beautiful!