Monday, April 11, 2011

Rosy Topped Cakes

This cake is gorgeous, no? Yet, it seems approachable.
My sort of style. Not perfectly polished.

It also seems somewhat doable for someone like me.
(Someone like me is a one who can't frost a cake very well.)

Gillian & I made a lemon cake yesterday afternoon.
(Remember the no nap thing?
I managed to have a good attitude about it.
She, on the other hand, had a total tired melt down of an evening.
Seems she could still use the occasional nap...)

So, the lemon cake.
We have tons of lemons on our little backyard tree.
I saw that rosy cake idea & wanted to give it a try.
We had everything thing we needed to put this cake together,
except baking powder.
Did you know that you can make your own baking powder?
You can!
You mix 2 parts Cream of Tarter with 1 part Baking Soda.
It only stays fresh for a couple weeks, though.
I happened to have a bunch of Cream of Tarter.
So, we were able to pull a cake together.

I whipped cream & loaded it into a piping bag
& went to work on the rosy top.
It was fun!
And, although mine looks sloppy, I still like it.

I may have to give it another try later this week,
if I can find enough people to feed cake to.

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erksmom said...

you did it! I think it turned out great. And it looks yummy.
I love the color of your kitchen aid mixer :)

sarah said...

thats beautiful!

Krista S. said...

It was lovely, and tasted great too. And if you are looking for people to eat any cake you make, I have 5 people in this house who will help you out.

Cailanmatthews said...

This is super impressive - I'm going to have to try that on my next carrot cake - think cream cheese frosting would work? Hmmm...
(And nice to see you again :)

Erin Adams said...

Cailan, that is my next plan, too! Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting. We'll have to compare notes. My guess is that the cream cheese frosting will be better than whipping cream.

Erin Adams said...

Stef, I love the color, too. It's called Glacier Blue. :)

Katie said...

I love the cake with roses and I also LOVE your mixer that I spied in the background!

Stephanie said...

I'm definitely impressed! (even though I don't like frosting).

Our 2-year-old just gave up naps too. It sometimes makes for harder late afternoons, but...she goes to bed lightning fast! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely happy to discove this. Good job!

Nessa said...

Oh no... no naps sounds like a bad idea. That is such a pretty way to decorate a cake!

Janelle - The Opinionated Mama said...

Darling cake! I also understand the afternoon meltdowns. We have been sans naps for about a year now and it still happens now and then. Thank goodness it's not all that often. Your a great mom Erin! It shows!

Anonymous said...

Your cake turned out beautifully! Must be all your handy helpers :)

After reading the comments, I had to go back up and check out the stand mixer everyone was talking about. I have the same one! Don't you just love it? I am filled with joy every time I see it on my counter!

Erin said...

inthewabe - Thanks for coming to check out my copy cat cake! I tried my 2nd version the following week & liked it a little better.
But, I still have work to do, to get it as purdy as yours, or as I Am Baker's.
Yes!! I love, LOVE my blue mixer. :) Cool you have the same!