Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Gift from My Mother - Real Play

I was reading these good posts on "Real Play" over at Having Fun at Home.
I couldn't help but think of my own childhood.
It was filled with real play of which I have very happy memories.
I am so grateful my mom fostered that in us.

Real Play really does seem magical.
I mean, check out this fort my sister found on Pinterest.

Magical, no?
That was us.  But our version was better.
We sat above the citrus trees, engulfed in Passion Flower vines.
The vines were strong enough that we actually used it as the rope ladder.
It was amazing.  It was one of the places where magical real play took place.

Until the day our mom had our brother cut down the vine so the citrus tress would live...

I want to learn to foster real play amongst my children.
I want to give them that gift.


Stef said...

YES! I remember those fond memories.
The other day the kids and I went to IKEA. We found these cute, $3 lanterns. Because they all love the movie Tangled, they each asked if they could have a lantern. And I thought "$3 isn't bad for a toy they'd all love to play with. If they end up not playing with them much, I'm out $9 bucks."

They have been carrying the lanterns around the house, playing like they're on a wilderness adventure. I bought a $4 table cloth at Target - they use it all over the house as either a fort or a blanket. On Saturday morning Jason and I laid in bed chatting away while they played for TWO hours with their camping adventure. Made me so happy and brought back lovely memories.

Nicola S. said...

Wow, this post brings such great memories back, of all the fun we had in your backyard! What great times we all had.

Stephanie said...

That fort is magical!

My parents fostered real play too. On most days, we were outside from dawn to dusk...often up in trees or riding bikes. :)


Snooley said...

Yay! Fun rivaled only by the fence walking and carnival throwing...

mominrome said...

this is so cool!!!
Il looks like a fairy tale