Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Table + Five

Just for fun.
If you could have 5 famous people to your house for dinner,
who would you invite?

I have a table planned.
Well, the guests, anyway. 
I’ll have to think about the menu some more.
Keith Green
I love how crazy passionate he was for Jesus.
The fact that he seemed to always speak his mind.
would have made for exciting dinner conversation.
Plus he had crazy hair.

Julia Child
She had such a zest for life. 
She was such a genuine person.
She enjoyed good food.
I love reading her writings.
So, I think I would love to have her at my dinner table, too.

George Grant
I like to watch him talk.  (The way he moves his mouth is interesting.)
He’s really smart & knows a lot of cool stuff.
Plus he likes good food & he would wear a bow tie.

Elisabeth Elliot
I totally admire her & think she is pretty amazing.
Her books are great.
She is a wise woman.
 She knows how to get her point across well.
She has a lot of amazing stories to tell.
She would be more than welcome at my table.

Nigella Lawson
Because I was just watching her on the cooking channel
& she is so classy.
I love listening to her talk.
And, she would probably bring a fabulous hostess gift.

Alright.  Now you go blog about your table + five & link here in the comments.
Or, if you don’t want to blog it out on your own spot, just give us you list of 5 here.


Jules said...

Keith Green, Julia Child, Nigella Lawson: a must!!!! I love those three people. I would also put Edith Schaeffer and Nancy Wilson in there. Sounds like a good time!

Stef said...

I don't know what it means to link to a place in comments, but I love your list! Especially your first guy. He'd be coming to my party too :)

1. Keith Green
2. Peter Marshall
3. CS Lewis
4. Barbara Bush
5. Joel McHale, just for a good laugh... {he lives pretty close to us, maybe this could work out?!}

Erin said...

Oh! I need to squeeze Edith Schaeffer in, too, Julia!

Sarah said...

I think I must be really tired because I came up with a crazy crew.

1. Taylor and Kenny from Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo Radio Sirius/XM 109

2. Kate Holmes (to see if Tom is really crazy)

3. Bill Clinton (so many stories)

4. Kurt Cobain (so many reasons)

I really started to struggle here.

5. Taye Diggs (because he is Taye Diggs...)

Thanks for the fun idea!