Monday, May 2, 2011

How Do You Do It?

Some people ask me that sometimes.
"How do you do it?"
"It" usually being - have a lot of kids close together & staying sane.

I don't know what I usually answer.
Something lame like, "it's not always easy" probably.

The right answer would be, I can't & I don't.
I can't live the life I feel called to live, apart from the One who called me.

This evening was an example to myself.
And to my kids.
We were rather a mess around here, in every sense.
Tear stained faces, muddy hands, filthy floors & cluttered counters.
I can't go to bed until I fold a mountain of laundry that is on it right now.

I am not a rock star mom & I am not superwoman.
Most all of you know that.
But, I'm just sayin'.  I'm not.

But, I am able to accomplish what God has for me,
playing my part with grace & love,
if it is the power of the Holy Spirit in me.
And only then.

I have a challenging week right now, friends.
I don't want to give a list of the dramas.
And, I can't say why it is hard.
But, I know I am able, in Christ, to walk rightly.

Pray for me!
That I would not quench the Spirit.
That I would walk in His power.

How can we do hard things?  In the power of the Spirit.

p.s.  talking of the Spirit reminds me a good conversation Gillian & I in the car last week.
I should write it here before I forget.
She had me a bit stumped in the explaining...
"Mom, when we get to Heaven, will we be able to see Jesus?"
Yes sweetie!  That is when we will get to see Jesus face to face!
"But won't we just see right through Him?"
Um.  No.
"But God is Spirit & we can't see Him."
Well.  That's true.
Jesus is God in person, though.  Jesus has a resurrected body.  
I don't know exactly what it looks like, but He has a body.  And we will see Him.
"Well, but if God is spirit, & He has a body, that doesn't make sense.  
Because Jesus is God & that should be the same."


This Sunday the pastor quoted Augustine saying,
"If you deny the trinity you lose your soul, 
if your try to explain the trinity you shall lose your mind."
I laughed at that.  I knew the feeling.


Stef said...

just saw your email; praying for you!

This was totally my day the other day. Just feeling like everything I came in contact with fell apart.
And God is so good to answer even the simplest prayer I managed to utter "Help me, Lord!" - He knows what we need, He just tells us to ask :)

Love you!

Nicola S. said...

Erin, I'm praying for my friend. Our God is stronger and bigger than any of our troubles and He loves to hear His people pray. Love you.