Friday, May 20, 2011

Semi-Homemade Tagalong Taste-Alikes

I am not a Sandra Lee fan. 
I believe in the superiority of baked-from-scratch goods.
But a couple weeks ago, I was busting out the semi-homemade goods.
I don’t know.  The stuff just sounded good for some reason.
I made these Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

They look fabulous, no?
They did not meet my expectations.
They tasted totally artificial.
Hmmmm…  I wonder why?
Those were good.  Just cuz, I love rice krispie treats. 
They are amazing to me.

And I made Jello Poke cupcakes.
I was so curious.  I wanted to try it & see what it was like.
Once done, I didn’t understand what the Jello added.
I could hardly taste it & it didn't add a neat-o texture, either.
They would’ve been better without it, I think.

I felt like I was a failure as Sandra Lee. 
It just wasn’t working for me.

So, when Moira’s birthday came around, I made the cupcakes from scratch.
I used my faithful Perfect Cakes cookbook.
Fudge Layer Cake & Butter Cream.
(Although, I always make the Butter Cream.  I detest frosting in a tub.) 

Anyway.  I made a semi-homemade item the other day, again.
I wanted to make treats. 
But there was close to no flour left in the pantry.
I spotted a box of Ritz crackers.
I knew what the treat would be.

This isn’t a Sandra Lee recipe.
My friend Kim made them for us & I fell in love with ‘em.
(Just for the record, she is a great from-scratch baker.  She is not a semi-homemade gal.)
They taste totally like the Girl Scout’s Tagalongs.

Here’s the way to make the Semi Homemade Tagalongs
Open a package of Ritz Crackers.
Slop about 1 cup of Creamy Peanut Butter into a bowl.
Gradually add about ¾ cup of Powdered Sugar, stirring all the while.
Stir in 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract.
Stir this until it’s nice and smooth.
Spread a spoonful onto the bottom of a Ritz & top it with another Ritz.
Refrigerate your sandwiches for a while.

Now melt about 1 cup of Chocolate Chips.
The best way to melt the chocolate is in a heat safe bowl,
sitting over the top of a pot of simmering water.
Stir, stir, stir until smooth.
Dip the sandwiches into the chocolate.
Don’t be tempted to eat them while warm.
Or else…

They are best cold, from the fridge.
Just like real Tagalong.


Melissa Joy said...

I might need to get some Ritz crackers sometime soon....

A Clean Desk said...

We are on the road, as soon as we are home I am going to have to make these.

Thanks for sharing.

Stef said...

yummy! someone left a box of Ritz at our house after Community Group the other night and we don't eat those, but I wanted to do something with them and not throw them out. One box won't kill us :)
And now you've given me a grand idea!!

Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

YUM!!! I'm SO making these! Thanks for sharing! I'm following you now!