Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"l" is for lollipop

Alrighty, ya’ll. 
I haven’t been working much on our letter unit studies.
We finally did the letter l.

“l” is for lollipop

Lollipop was a little tricky, for coming up with study ideas.
From lollipops, we decided to learn a little about sugar, too.

I couldn’t find any good books with the lollipop theme.
It is not particularly about lollipops, though. 
It is a book about adjectives.

Speaking of parts of speech,
we did start doing a little word/action game, while on the letter “l”.

Listen, Look & Learn
This game is a variation on the Simon Says game.
When I say a doing word, they do the action.
If I say a thing word, they need to just stand still.
While doing “l”, I tried to think of verbs that started with that letter.
Listen* Lick * Look * Laugh * Lounge * Love * Leap
But, the main point is just learning about verbs/doing words. 
So, we usually use words that start with any letter.

We played a Lollipop Ring Toss game.
I stuck little lollipops into a cereal box covered in foil.
I taped a number onto each lollipop.
I gave the kids 2 rings & they tried to drop them onto the lollipops.
They had to try to identify the number on the lollipops that they got.
Then we added the two numbers together.

We read Aesop’s Fable, The Fox & The Crow.
We learned about the false sweetness of flattery.

We talked about the sweet truth of God’s Words
& learned this verse –
Psalm 19:10
“{Your Words} are more desirable than gold, yes than much fine gold.
Sweeter also than honey & the drippings of the honeycomb.”

I tried to find books about how sugar is grown & processed with no luck.
I was bummed. 
And, the librarian was a little confused as to why I would want such a thing.
I showed the kids pictures of sugar cane growing & harvested, found on the internet.

We did a sugar cooking craft, making Lifesaver Light Catchers.
There may be a better way to do this. 
But, I didn’t have the world wide web available to me, to find directions.

We smashed the lifesavers & arranged them on wax paper.
We baked them at 325 degrees for about 3 minutes.
Bake them just until the sugars are all melted down.
Too long & you’ll burn the bright colors out & it will start to brown.
While we did this, we talked a little bit about the stages of cooking sugar –
The soft ball & hard crack & such.
Our Light Catchers were cooked to hard crack.
And, they did fall down from the window & crack, before the day was over.

We had a little dance party exercise time to the Lollipop song by the Chordettes.

We practiced painting & drawing lollipops. 
Gillian got the swirling rainbow circle action down pretty well. 
She was loving it.


Stef said...

cute ideas, Erin!

Charlotte said...

I love the Lifesaver light catchers! My kids would really enjoy that one.

And I feel your pain in trying to find a book about processing sugar....I get super frustrated with the books in our library system too. I have a list running in my head of children's books I want to write someday....