Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Mo - My Crazy

Our Moira turns two on Sunday.

(Rats.  I've never been good at sharing special days.  
You & me, baby!  Mother's Day & MoMo's Day.)

She is a crazy little fireball.
She cracks us up with her silliness.
And, at times, concerns us with her fieriness.

The words she has now are fabulous.
She will often shout, "I did it!!"jumping up with her hands to the sky.
If will tell her not to do something, she will reply, "okay, I won't."
If we ask her to do something, she says, "okay, I will."
(The respectful replies are heartwarming.
Whether or not she follows through in action is another story to be told.)

She loves to run & jump & & skip & tease.
She's rough & tumble,
but loves pretty things,
and she loves the baby.
"Ooooooooo  BABY!" (giggle, giggle squeal)
I have noticed that a newborn baby crying seems to bother most little kids.
They get sad about it.
Not Moira.  She gets excited.
She seems to think it is funny.
It makes her laugh.

She loves a good lap cuddle.
But, when she is done she'll give you a head butt on her way off of your lap.

She has such a brightness in her little eyes.
People take notice of her almost immediately.

Moira, may that brightness in your eyes always remain.
May your laughter be a celebration of God's goodness.
May the fire in your heart burn with a passion for Jesus.
May your crazy spirit be ever ready for the adventure God takes you on.

Happy Day sweet daughter.
We love you!!


Stef said...

beautiful eyes and quite the energetic personality! Happy 2nd birthday to Moira!

Nicolle Robidart said...

Love this post!! Hope she has a wonderful birthday!!

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweet daughter. Happy Birthday, Moira!

theolivetree said...

great post...I too have one of those 2 yr olds:)

hannah singer said...

i can see by her dancing blue eyes that she'd be fast friends with my little guy;)
too cute-happy day!

Nessa said...

Her eyes are show stoppers. I love that first picture... she is such a firecracker. How do those babies get such hard heads by the way? The head butts are really painful!

Leah said...

Ah, this is Mo. :) Love her!

Stephanie said...

She sounds like a delightful, spunky, smart little girl. And for some reason, she looks much older and wiser than two.

Jessica said...

happy 2nd birthday! she's so precious.