Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is going to be brief.
We have a poor computer/internet situation.
Computer seems to be on the fritz.
Internet connection is extremely spotty.
But, both are working at the moment.

So, last week, I was solo with the kids for over 8 days.
That was a tough one for me.
I am so used to having Scott here & fully present.
It was a huge challenge to have him away that long.
Plus, he had been in Europe. 
So, he is just now coming back into our local time zone.

It's so nice to be together again!
What a gift!
Happy Mother's Day to me!

I have no ability to upload photos or spend much time on the WWW. 
I do miss the online stuff.
But, I am reading Julia Child's My Life in France instead of blogs.
That's not a bad thing, I think.


hannah singer said...

hooray! so happy for you ALL that your man is HOME!

Nicola said...

I'm so glad that Scott is home now for you. I know how hard it is not to have your husband around to help and to bounce things off him and just to love on him. I hope you have some good together time.

Charlotte said...

I am so glad Scott got back safety and you survived. When our husbands have to be gone it makes us appreciate them more. :-)

And My Life in France was a great book!

Stephanie said...

8 days! That is a lot. I'm so glad he's home & safe...and you're all together again.

Best wishes for a restful week.