Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It’s MacDoel planting season again

You know you are in the boonies when –

-          You are happy to drive 5 hours (round trip) for a great meal.
Last Saturday, Scott had to end the planting early, due to very high winds.
That was a bummer for his work. 
But the good news was it gave us enough time to get to our favorite restaurant around here.
By around here, I mean in Ashland (2 ½ hours away).

-          The most exciting thing to do on Sunday night is watch River Monsters.
Scott’s new favorite show.  He can’t wait for the next show.
Next Sunday 7pm can’t come soon enough.

-          You leave 1 ½ hours early for church, 
so that you have a few minutes to stop at Starbucks.
We were a few minutes early to church though.  Not a bad thing.

-          You come home from the market with the best choice for an evening drink – Coors
Really.  I had a Coors.  For the first time ever.
I wondered the very small mart for a long time.  I wanted a red wine.
The choices were all a label called Wild Vines, or something like that.
The varietals of wine all included an “extra” fruit.
e.g Strawberry Zinfandel, Blackberry Merlot.
No thanks.

-          You don’t hesitate to walk past the floor to ceiling windows in just your birthday suit.
There’s no one out there anyway.


Nicola said...

Erin, I'm laughing out loud right now. It sounds so much like where we live. We have to leave for church 2 1/2 hours before church :~)

Nini said...

River Monsters...ugh! Markus loves that show too!

Stef said...

this gave me a good laugh :)
I LOVE Coors and I know its a complete white trash thing to say, but I do. Shove a lime wedge in there and its even better. I'm just one of those sad women who likes a good beer.