Friday, July 1, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from cloth diapers, and Grapenuts and 7-Eleven.
I am from big backyard where we were allowed to dig, shared bedrooms,
and from comfort & homey, not from a magazine cover house; filled full.
I am from passion flower vine magical treehouse,
the black walnut tree everyone thought was dead, but it wasn't,
and from lava rock into which we carved ornate waterfalls & caves.
I am from Adventures in Odyssey, and from speaking your mind
and from they have 10 kids and Mike & Mary Anne.
I am from the hand-me-down dining table where we sat for school by day
& dinner in the evening,
from talking during school & during dinner.
I am from weed for half hour before you watch Leave it to Beaver.
I am from the Bible is the final authority, follow God not man,
"I will hide Your Word in my heart" & children matter.
I am from the heart of the silicon valley,
corn fields in the middle of the city & Olson cherry orchards, too.
I am from roofer &
from hearing him drive home everyday, ladders rattling on the truck rack.
I am from roofer, turned interim pastor, turned I.T. guy, turned business owner.
I am from mother, teacher counselor,
cooks most all food from scratch & taught me how, but thinks she is not a good cook.
I am from neighborhood without kids, but never lacking playmates.
I am from not wanting to grow up, and from God is good and laughing, arguing & loving.

Inspired by Sarah & Steph. - Original poem inspiration here.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love yours. I think I need to adopt the weed for a half hour every day- we need it around here!


Stef said...

loved this! what a neat, neat thing to write out. Loved all of it.

Lizzy said...

I like your memories! Yes, life was good with simple pleasures. I know your children will have those, too. Maybe even better! Maybe more cousin adventures!

Nini said...

Love this! I love that I know you and your whole family...makes it so much more real!

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

Absolutely gorgeous. xo

hannah singer said...

LOVE this, erin. thanks!

christi @ burlap and basil said...

this is a beautiful post and i love the format. i just might have to add mine ... what a great way to celebrate your roots! i've been listening to red dirt road like mad again this summer - all about where you are from!

btw ... i'm from adventures in odyssey, too! it still makes me laugh when i hear some of the voices on other commercials.

Erin said...

Oh Christi! You should write one. It was so fun! Then I could get to know you more. :)

love said...

thanks for sharing! i'm loving these and always get all weepy. love where you're from!