Thursday, July 28, 2011

Note To Self About Sleep & Phases

Kendall had been sleeping a solid night & taking her naps well for months.
About 2 weeks ago, things changed.
She got really quick with her rolling & starting rolling all over her crib, anytime I put her down.
She would be the tiniest bit awake, & she would roll out of her snuggle & resist going back to sleep.

I thought maybe she was teething.  Maybe that was it.
I was mad that Hyland's had to recall their amazing teething tablets.

I would rock & nurse & soothe until she was asleep,
spending the 30-45 minutes whispering to the other kids to please be quiet.
I'd lay her down.  I'd remind them to stay quiet.
Not happening.  Someone forgets.
Shouts, screams, whatever.
Baby screams & won't go back to sleep.

I couldn't seem to do anything to change things.

When Scott witnessed the events firsthand over the weekend,
he understood the pain.

I whined, "how long will this be my life?"

We recalled this phase happening with all the other kids.
But, we couldn't remember when it ended, or how.

So, now, today, while Kendall is successfully asleep for nap number 2,
I will write this note to myself, so I can remember.

Dear Erin,
Your baby is probably just going through a phase.
Sleep is a challenge for the moment.
But, it is only a phase.
This phases lasted only 2 weeks.
Getting out of it required nothing fancy.
You just keep rocking, nursing, head rubbing, pacifier fixing, lullaby singing.
I am pretty sure, this too shall pass.
Don't freak out.


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Angel Haynes said...

Good idea on writing yourself a note! Aren't all the phases so interesting, baffling, wonderful, and confusing? :) Also, very sweet photos!

Stef said...

Haha! I've done this SO many times in my journals. Cracks me up to go back and read them, but they came in handy when Kara was a baby and everything she did seemed brand new ;-)
The other day I was reading through Kara's and I told Jason how odd it is that when you're out of these phases, you actually miss them! Crazy.

Kendall is super cute! She's gotten so big!

Charlotte said...

I do this to myself a lot! It started when we were first married and I would jot down notes of advice for me when our children marry.

It is good to step back and see the big picture; in most everything crazy, it too will pass. :-)

P and J Garaway said...

i like your note, i needed to read it today. thanks.

Lizzy said...

So sorry to be the one to tell you, but you will never sleep again the way you did before children. I thought I would sleep well when the youngest was about 5. No more nightmares, no climbing into bed with us, no wetting the bed... But I still wake up when someone goes to the bathroom, is sick, home late. This is not to be negative, but you really do learn to live differently in regards to sleep. So I may not sleep like I did, but I can fall asleep within 2 seconds! Life is always changing. and I think it is very hard to just keep adapting!

Erin said...

Hey Mom -I am assuming that is you, not Lizzy ;)!
I know sleep will never be the same again. But, we often do get a really good night's sleep. And we have now made it out of the phase that all of the kids went through, of constantly using their new found mobility, & resisting sleep, all day & all night. We are feeling more normal (for the time being!).

Stephanie said...

So true. I always want to laugh at the "How is your baby sleeping?" question...because the answer seems to change from month-to-month. ;)

Hang in there.