Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Boy Doesn't Know What a Grocery Store is

We are members of our local CSA.
We have been longer than our kids have been on this earth.
They know when we pick up our huge produce sack every week it is from the farm.
When we get berries or artichokes, they know that Daddy & his "work family" grew them.
We are fairly Farm to Table here, I suppose.  

Yesterday, I was eating lunch with the kids. 
Peyton asks me, "did daddy go fishing?"
Um.  When?
"Did daddy fish for tuna?"
Uh, I don't think he's ever been tuna fishing, babe.  
But I'm not sure.  You'll have to ask him.
Extremely confused, he demands, 
"Then where did this tuna come from?!!"
A can.  From the grocery store...  You know, the place we buy food at every week?
He doesn't answer & appears puzzled as he continues to eat his mysterious lunch.

We ain't vegetarian.  And we ain't hunters. 
And yet, somehow, he was shocked over all this.


Stef said...

haha! this made us LOL :)
Very cute.

Nicola S. said...

that is so funny!

Charlotte said...

That is really funny.

I wish we were at the point where I am more farm to table. We don't eat anything processed except for tortillas, occasional loaves of bread and Trader Joe's pizza sauce, and I get some vegetables organic. But I can't afford the Farm Fresh boxes right now. Someday.... :-)

Erin said...

That's the goofy part, Charlotte. We really aren't farm to table. We just get our produce from the farm. But, we buy meats & packaged goods at the grocery store every week. :)

Erin said...
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