Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Send our Dossier Across the World

Friends, we have completed our portion of our adoption dossier.
What is a dossier, you ask?
It is a stack of papers prepared to be presented to the country from which one is adopting.
A dossier is somewhat of personal history for the family desiring to adopt.
Documents are checked & re-checked, authorized by this person & that person.
It is a relief to have our stuff done.  
I am not a lover of paperwork.

Now we have to raise a remaining $2,000, so we can send our dossier across the world.
Do you want to help us?
Do you drink coffee?  
Buy Just Love coffee from our online store & a check gets sent to our adoption agency.
I am also listing various things for sale on my Everyday Carnival Store.  
Any money brought in there, goes to our adoption fund.
Check it out, if you so desire.
And tell your friends!


Sarah said...

How could I not buy some today!

It is our one-year referral-versary and I pray yours comes quickly (relatively speaking) after submitting your dossier!

Congratulations on being closer to the next step!

Stef said...

YAY! This is very exciting!! We have several families at church going through the same thing {some adopting kids here in WA, but still quite the process} and I know completing this step is huge progress! praise God!

I don't drink coffee anymore, but I know several people who do, so I'll order some and give it as a gift :)