Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Loosing It

Warning:  I am using a faulty keyboard.  A key is out of order.  I found a way to type that letter, If I use the copy & paste function, like I just did.  Bu, ha is edious.  I don' feel like doing ha righ now.  Forgive my laziness.  Or don'.  Don' read on, if you prefer ha.  I is your choice.

I've been losing hings.
1 1/2 weeks ago, I los my car key.  
I had aken he kids swimming & we needed o now ge home for naps.
Couldn' find he key anywhere.  Searched & searched.  Car, ground, bags...
Called Daddy.  He came & helped.  Nowhere.  He drove home for a spare key.  

I found ha key oday.  In a handy nook in he dashboard, direcly nex o he seering wheel.

Las week, I ook he kids on a bike ride/walk o buy some groceries.
I pu my phone & debi card in my pocke & walked away, sans purse.  Easier his way.
 Once we were checking ou our groceries, we found my card was no working.
Expired.  As of 2 days ago...

Following day, Sco & I have a movie dae planned.  
We have arranged for 2 nice gals o care for our brood.
I had made cupcakes for he kids & homemade pizzas.
Our house was in clean order, so people could funcion in i.
We leave he house & Sco asks me if I have a $20.  I say, yes, I hink so.
Bu, ayway, we have hese movie passes o use, so we don' need he cash.
We arrive 2 miues early.  2 for Capain America, please! & hand over our passes.
Sorry, hese are no valid here.  
I mumble o Sco abou how hey used o be & look in my purse for cash.
7 dollars.
I walk up o he AM.  Oops.  No debi card.  
(And my husbands doesn' carry one, cuz he can' remember he pin number, ever.)
My bank is across he sree.  I do have a check, so I wrie myself a check.  And wai in a LONG line.
We made i ino he movie wihou missing a massive amoun.  (And we loved i, by he way.)

his morning (when I was searching for my misplaced phone...) 
I found he new, waiing o be acivaed debi card, righ here in my purse.
Could've used i a he grocery sore.  Could've used i a he movie eaher.
hankfully, I los my phone his morning, which caused me o search my purse so horoughly.

Boy.  And he fac ha I am missing he leer t is making his pos really hard o read.
And compleely no worh reading.
I was going o share somehing super funny wih you all.  I don' recall wha i was now.

Sorry guys.  If you read his far, i was so no worh i.

UPDATE: Something I did forget  - Not super funny.  But, neat, nonetheless.

Do you all Pinterest?  I love it.  If you don't love it, fine, have it your way.
But, if you want an invite, I'll send you one.

We tried this silly idea last nigh.  My kids loved 'em!

Source: None via Tom Katie on Pinterest

We called 'em Squid.  Kids asked for more & more.


Nicola S. said...

Oh, Erin. Sorry I'm laughing to hard to type. But anyway it wasn't that hard to read your post.
The whole movie thing is so funny to me, because when Lucas and I went out the other night. We bought tickets for Cowboys and Aliens but they told us the wrong theater room and we got stuck watching The rise of the Apes! The biggest PC garbage in the world. Oh well.
But I know how you feel I go through different times when I just can't remember anything.

Stef said...

my brain is either jumbled enough or this was surprisingly easy to read! I had very little trouble as long as I let my eyes scan the words. Amazing what the human brain fills in :)

I wish we had seen Captain America! We saw Cowboys and Aliens and were NOT fans of the movie :(
Its time for Harrison to retire.

The idea you got off Pinterest is one I've seen on other baking websites and keep wanting to make them! Looks like fun. Do you dip them in any sauce?

Nicolle Robidart said...

Love the hot dogs and noodles! I am going to try that!

Paisley and Lace said...

This is the funniest post, Erin! Wouldn't have been quite the same with the elusive letter t.

Charlotte said...

Oh this sure woke me up this morning! Nothing like having to think a little out of the box. You know they say that is good for your brain.

Erin, Thank you for being so real. I totally have days like that (I used to call it 'pregnancy brain' but now I guess I have to start calling it 'getting older' brain), and they can just kill me. There is a song "This Is The Stuff" that actually talks about loosing your car keys and how those little mess ups can be reminders of God's blessings.

And we totally need to try the squid!