Monday, August 15, 2011

Cartoon Love

This isn't me confessing how many cartoons we watch around here.  
I'm noready to share that with you all.  
Let's just say, too many.
I'm notelling you about all the lame ones I let my kids watch either.  
You don't need to know stuff like that.  
(Why does Netflix bother streaming Hello Kitty & Voltron?)
What I wanted to tell you is, I love Tangled.  I didn't think I would.  
I avoided watching it.  
The preview made it look lame to me.  Really lame.  
As in, it looked as lame as The Road to El Dorado.  
(Which I've only seen the preview for.  Still.  I know this--Lame.) 
Truth is, I love Tangled.  I do.  
And, I found out after seeing ithat Rapunzel & I have the same dream.  
I want to see the floating lanterns, too.  So badly.  
I exclaimed my dream aloud a few times while watching the movie.  
Gillian informed me that it was just make believe.  I said it had to be real.  
I googled it
I found out that she was wrong & I was right.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

I have a dream.  To see the floating lanterns of Thailand.
The good news is, my man has a dream of traveling tThailand, too.
He wantto eat Mangosteen & Durian fruit.

Butthere is bad news.  
The festival of the lights is in November.  
The season for Mangosteens & Durians is the summer.

Now we are in deep conflict.
This is more serious than him liking mushrooms & hating English roses.
Hard things.


Stef said...

We LOVE Tangled! Its a favorite Friday night film in our home. Such a fun movie.
But I agre with you - they did make the preview look super shallow and lame.

Nicola said...

Audrey and I really enjoyed Tangled! In fact she didn't want to send it back to Netflix. But she got over it.
Love the picture of the floating lanterns. I would love to see that in person, though my husband has no desire to see Thailand. What can you do?

LindaFaye said...

you make me laugh. :)

Leah said...

I will gladly travel with you to see the lanterns! I would LOVE to do that.

Quinn said...

Loved, loved Tangled, and the lanterns, but what I want to do is let those lanterns off in celebration of Graham, just haven't quite figured out how to pull that one off yet!