Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Outing turned Inspiring

The first time to Costco with 4 kids.
I was dreading it.
But, baby was now 2 months old.
That meant I hadn't been to Costco in over 2 months.
We were out of paper towels.
Husband has a hard time going on with life when there are no paper towels.
He sees them as an absolute necessity.
He is a fairly "green" "earth-friendly" fellow.
But, he loves his paper towels.

I had to go.
I had bought over priced cheese twice at the regular grocery store.
I was out of chicken breasts.
The ones I got from Trader Joe's to hold us over were not good enough.
I couldn't wait until we were out of Toilet Paper & Laundry detergent.
The trip had to be made.

I planned it for a week that ended up being more than a little rainy.
It has been a lot rainy.

So, it turned out to be a doubly crazy outing.
4 little ones & pouring down rain.
And we got a late start,
so our trip would not be entirely complete before the normal nap time.
Things were not looking good for us.

Despite the rain storm, folks were still shopping.
There were no close parking spaces.
I sat inside the car while I tied my Mei Tai carrier around my waist.
A little difficult.
Then I had to tie Kendall in while still in the car.
A little more difficult.
Once she was cozy & calm, I grabbed two umbrellas
& went out into the storm.
I ran to each door to unbuckle all the other kids
& let them pile out.
The three of them held hands in a line.
I held the umbrellas over everyone.
We made it safely across the parking lot.
(With only 1 car rudely splashing right in front of us.
Gillian was sure he deserved a bad ticket.)

Shopping went so smoothly. I was amazed.
It was great.

And on this day, we met a few people who encouraged us.
They were people who loved children.
I am guessing they were all over the age of 80.
They were totally thrilled with the kids.
And my kids loved their sweet attention.

They talked to the kids like they were their friends.
You know, they didn't "talk down" to them.
They encouraged me.
When they made the comment I often I hear,
"You have your hands full!",
they didn't roll their eyes.
Their eyes sparkled with excitement.

I went away inspired.
The cart was so full, I could barely push it;
tons of stuff, plus a nearly 2 year old.
A four year old & three year old held onto the sides of the cart.
They "helped" me push.
I wore a two month old
& held two umbrellas above, trying to keep all 5 heads dry.

After we all got into the car I felt inspired to make something happen.
Something that has been on my mind.
A plan that I have had, but haven't acted on.
I want to visit our elderly neighbor more often.
I want to take the kids to a near by senior home on a regular visits.
Let the kids be adopted great grandkids to some lonely people.
Let myself learn from people who have lived through much.
I want to bless & be blessed by the greatest generation, before it is too late.


Brittany Martin said...

Don't you wish every grocery store had double seats in it? When the boys were younger that feature alone made Costco worth bearing!

Anna Reno said... I couldn't help but smile at the image of the 5 of you crossing the parking lot. You are awesome! And I love those nice elderly people at Costco.

Julia said...

so encouraging. Yes, I've taken my five kids by myself to Costco since Soeren was about two months old. I've always had that "you've had your hands full" comment, which seems to get worse every time I hear it. I'm always encouraged by the elderly who tell me "I wish I'd had more" and "what a lovely blessing, aren't they beautiful". It seems like the Lord always placed them there to encourage me when I needed it most (probably right after a single lady who is on a rant to make sure big families feel belittled :( The last time we were there, a fireman stopped me and asked the kids "guess how many siblings I have?" He had come from a family of 19 (12 boys and 9 girls, wow!) The kids thought he was awesome, and I had to agree. Gotta love those encouragers!

Eatsleepandrun said...

I'm glad it went well for you! God gave grace and gave you an enjoyable Costco trip with all 4! BTW- I'm with Scott on the paper towels. I can't live without them.

Erin Adams said...

Yes! double seater are such a sweet thing!!

Erin Adams said...

True, very true! I am thankful for God's grace, in all these little, everyday things. He is good!

Erin Adams said...

Wow Julia!! 19 kids!! :)
An encouraging word, or eve a smile can really brighten a day.
You are a momma who inspires me, friend. Thanks for sharing.

Erin Adams said...

Anna, you are too sweet. :) We are healthy here. We should hang out soon!!

Nicola said...

Congrats Erin on a successful trip! I love the precious comments from the elderly, though they always ask how old my "boy" is? Poor Cora! I guess she'll get some hair someday!
I'm with Scott with the paper towels. Besides it's a renewable resource. Trees grow back.

Nessa said...

There is a senior center down the street that I can't wait to visit this summer. My grandparents all passed away early - and I miss that them.

Stephanie said...

I like that picture of you. I like your story. (And I think you are awesome).

P.S. I'm a pretty "green" girl too, but I still love paper towels. And we even use paper plates + disposable cups sometimes too. ;)

Erin Adams said...

Don't worry, Cola! I feel like some folks don't even think most of the time, before they say "what a cute, boy" or whatever. Cora looks like a girl!

Erin Adams said...

Thanks for the encouragement. But, we have many shopping trips that do NOT go well. :)

Janelle - The Opinionated Mama said...

You are one ROCK STAR mama! What an inspiration you are! I see many a jewels in that crown up above for you. Your kids are learning such selflessness from your am I!