Friday, March 18, 2011

A Warm Welcome

My husband was out of town for work for a few days.
It is more than a little tiring holding down the fort without him.
I get tired.
I won't lie. I need him.
But I need him to keep his job, too.
So, he goes. And I carry on here.

I do miss all that he does for us at home, when he is gone.
But, even more, I miss all that he is & him just being here.
I miss him.

So, even though I am tired, I want to welcome him.
I want to roll out the red carpet.
But, I don't have a red carpet.
And I don't want to clear a big enough path on the floor for one, either.

My home will not be in perfect order when he gets home.
To some eyes, it wouldn't even be considered decent order.
But, I know he likes a good meal.
He'll get a healthy comfort meal from me. (chicken curry)
I'll be cheerful & clean (I showered for him!)
That is how I choose to welcome him.

I made sure there was nothing directly in front of the door.
I don't want him to trip right upon entering.
But, be careful honey - watch where you step.
And don't take your shoes off.


Trish Thomas said...

You just keep loving that man of yours. He can see the love, even if the floor is not mopped. I'm sure of it. Best of all, God sees your love!

Nicola S. said...

Erin, I'm with you. I love to have a great meal and have myself put in order before Lucas comes home from a trip. The house... well that can wait.

Erin said...

Thanks Trish! That's right!
Cola, glad to be in good company with you on this. :)