Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Plans She Has

Gillian came out of her room in this outfit.
She told me she dressed like this because her job
was to pick apples in an orchard.
She does that for work.
Oh, and lemons. She has to pick those for her job, too.

She has farmer girl aspirations.
She also plans to milk cows when she grows up.
Last year at the county fair, she learned that she was a natural.
She still talks about it often.
How she really wants to be a milker girl,
because she is very good at it.
(And she is. She picked up the milking squeeze skill right away.)

My daughter, at age 4, is already talking about when I will be a grandma.
When she is a mom, I will be a grandma, she tells me.
That's true.
But, she also tells me that when she is a mom,
I will be her friend, and come to visit her house often.
I pray that will be true for us.

I made my own mother a grandmother.
And she is very much my friend.
I love for her to come visit, very often.

Gillian has a few dream houses.
The thing they all have in common is they are to be very near to my house.
She will possibly live in her "baby house".
(The house where we lived when she was a baby.)

(Daddy & Gillian at baby house 4 years ago.)

Or, she may live in this pink princess house.

But, she also describes to me her dream house
as a yellow house sitting on a hill.
There is a white fence & a gate.
There is lots of green grass.
There is a pond.
She has chickens & goats & cows.

She's my farmer girl.


Stef said...

so sweet! I loved this post. Good forward thinking, Gill.

Nicola said...

May God give her the desires of her heart!
What a sweetie pie!

Krista Sobrak-Seaton said...

So sweet! I wonder where she got her inspiration for her dream house? It sounds lovely.

Deanna said...

Aww...a girl after my own heart! She looks like she will live on a farm and milk cows. I love it!

Erin Adams said...

update on farm girl.... I just remembered this. When we were at Costco last week, she was dressed in her farmer clothes (bonnet & calicos & wool & boots & the like). While we were shopping, she put her boot up on the curb, under the fridge coolers, leaned her elbow on her raised knee & shouted, "move along you rusty ole cows!!"