Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Week of California Spring

Is it Spring?  On the California Coast?

Yep.  But, it just feels a little more frigid than normal.

It is still rainstorm, fireplace weather.

It's what's for dinner.
We love this soup.

p.s.  I changed the comments to Disqus  I hope they work for everyone!


Stef Arnold said...

I wondered what you did to your website today! I checked my email on my cell phone had 30 messages (all from your website) from previous post and comments people have made. Weird huh? maybe this triggered something.

We're having very spring like weather, but still no blossoms... I'm holding out hope that in April we'll start to see some!

mrseadams said...

ugh! I had no idea that would happen! So sorry Stef & everyone else! We'll see how we like this... I wanted a "reply" function for the comments

Krista said...

Everything was ok for me! But I subscribe to your blog via google reader, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Erin Adams said...

That's good news, Krista!