Thursday, February 24, 2011

Show the Love

Love month is almost over.
(Don't worry.  I'm just calling it that.  I know we are called to love all the time.)

Here's a few things before February is over -

  *You've heard of the 5 Love Languages, right?  I have.
But, I'm too lazy to read the book.  Scott & I took the quiz, though.
Try it.  It's pretty neat.  Ask your spouse to take it.
See what you learn about yourself & each other.
We happened to both get the same top two.  I guess we're "lucky".
I think I like to show love & receive love in all 5 ways.
(I'm greedy like that.  I want it all!)
But, some definitely affect me on a much deeper level.
The point, of course, is to be sensitive to those you love
& show them love the way they understand it & need it.

  *I downloaded a marriage evaluation from this blog -
Passionate Homemaking.  See it under point 4 on this post.
The document is called The State of our Union.
Check is out.  It is much more involved than the little quiz above.
I've only read it over.  We've haven't worked on it yet.

  *Go over to my friend Linda's blog.
Take her little quiz on the top on the left sidebar.
She has written a number of good pieces on the topic of sexuality.
Check them out.  She has a lot of wisdom.   And she writes thoughtfully.

*Danielle at Take Heart has been posting
Love Stories for the whole month of February.
I think that is so precious.
(Really.  I really do.)
I haven't managed to read all of them yet.
But, I am inspired to write our love story out.
I don't know if I'll manage to get it written down before the end of this month.
Especially since I would like it to be a he said, she said story.
I don't know if my husband will get a chance to write his part that fast.
But, writing my desires (for the story to be written by both of us)
on my blog, instead of talking to him in person,
seems like a good way to pressure him.
I mean, wait...  maybe manipulation isn't the right way.
I may have just blown my chances.

*If you don't already do, I encourage to try to Embrace the Camera.  
What is that, you ask?
It is getting on the other side of the camera.  
You know all the photos you take of your loved ones?  
Get into the picture with them.
They all want to remember that you were there, too.

Today Moira & I are snuggling in bed & she is giggling about kisses.  


Nicola S. said...

Erin, those are such precious pictures of you and Moira. What adorable little ones you have.

Wendy said...

I love the giggle face pic! Super cute!

big hair betty said...

Fun links, thanks! I love your hair in these photos!!

emily anderson said...

love these pictures...and i love her name too!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very cute!

pakosta said...

beyond sweet!!!

LindaFaye said...

Thanks for sharing a link to my blog. What a blessing and encouragement. I think today is my day for receiving encouragement. I'll take it!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing these great links, Erin. I took the Love Languages assessment and "Words of Affirmation" was my top result. Now I need to have Tim take it too...

P.S. What were your top two?

Erin said...

I should've said what love language we got. Thanks Stephanie! Quality Time & Physical Touch.

Stef said...

I love the pictures!!