Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Child is Born

January 27th

A recalling of birth.  
There are not too many gory details written here.
But beware, I do speak of cervix dilation.

I woke up at 5:30 that morning.  
I had a sore abdomen, like maybe I had been working out.  
I figured I must've been doing some contracting.  
And, I still was.
I got up to see if things would carry on & they did.  
I figured this was it.
Our house was a total wreck.  So, I got to work cleaning.
Typical early labor stuff.

I had my regular doctor check up scheduled for that morning.
That was handy.  
In my early days of motherhood, 
I had been known to go to the hospital too early.
(The hospital sent me home a few times the week before Gillian was born.)
I live in a family of folks who never forget.  
You know, they have a hard time believing that I am in labor, 
since I have a "history" of not knowing.
(I knew though.  I am older now.  Less anxious.  I am in tune.  Just believe me.)
I told Dr. Diana my suspicions of early labor.
She said I was right & suggested we make our way to the birthing center.

So, we did.

Labor progressed normally over the next couple of hours.  
(What exactly that means, I'm not sure.  
Labors are all different, but they are still normal.

When the pain started to increase, I got in the big bath tub.  
I still was barely at 5 cm.  
This bath, I thought, would be the magic ticket.
It seemed to be for my labors with Peyton & Moira.
For 20 minutes in the tub during Moira's labor, 
I went from 5 cm. to 8 cm.

This time, I felt like labor had changed a good deal while I was in the tub.
This was good.  They checked my progression - a little over 5cm.
I felt like I was in transition.  But a 5 didn't sound promising at all.

Things kept moving.  Scott kept encouraging.
I was praying for strength & a healthy baby.

I thought I had to be almost there.
The doctor checked.
6 cm.
She said, "Not too much longer!  You are doing great!"
I said, "What?!  You mean like, a few more hours, right?"
She said, "Maybe not."

This was now coming to the point where I didn't think I could go any farther.
But, labor doesn't work like that.  You can't go back.  
You can't quit.
(I am big quitter during exercise & all that.  I just stop when it gets hard.)
I did not choose to think positively.  
(Isn't that supposed to help you through labor?  I never do that one.)
I kept saying I couldn't do it anymore.
Scott kept telling me he knew I could.
(Everyone needs someone to believe in them.)
The impossible stage didn't last more than 30 minutes.

It was truly shocking how quickly Kendall was born in the last moment.
And it was shocking how huge she was.
8 lbs. 9 oz.seemed ginormous.
Everyone kept exclaiming how giant her umbilical cord was.
I just held my baby & tried to catch my breath.  

The birth seemed rather uneventful, with nothing special to report.  
Oh, except the amazing event of birth & life.
(Isn't that the way much of life is?  
So many of God's good & glorious gifts are what we call just normal, everyday life.)

Baby was born just before 6pm.
That meant all the siblings had enough time to come see her 
before their own bedtime.
Grandma brought them down, all bathed & in pj's.  
They were so excited & proud.

I got to rest at the birth center for a while.
I was a tad bit bored at times, with so much quiet.
The John Masters Organics toiletries I packed for a gift to self did not disappoint.
I loved them.  Get a product yourself & see what I mean.
The Blood Orange & Vanilla lotion - luxury.

I was glad when it was time to come home. 
But, I have to admit, I really (really, really) miss the ice chip maker machine.
Ice chips plain, 
ice chips with Dr. Pepper, ice chips with cranberry juice, ice chips with water.
That is on the top of my wish list.  (Though, I have no idea where to find one.)
Can you imagine having an ice chip machine at your own house?

We are happily adjusting to having 4 littles around.
All 3 of the older siblings love their baby.


Stef said...

Congrats you guys! Kendall is so beautiful and she looks so healthy, Erin! The huge umbilical cord is a good telling sign that Mama was very healthy during pregnancy - good for you!

Enjoy these early days. Soak up the kisses and newborn baby love.

are you registered anywhere or is there anything special you're needing?

laura said...

She's adorable! I love that picture of Gillian holding Kendall - she looks so happy to be holding her baby sister. Congratulations Erin!

LindaFaye said...

yay! Congratulations!!

emilie said...

Congrats, guys, she is beautiful.

Brittany Martin said...

Congratulations, Erin! She's such a beautiful baby--and uneventful birth stories are what we all hope for!

Krista said...

She is so cute, I can't wait till I get to see her again (and hold her)! And, I will help you purchase an ice chip machine... I miss it too.

Nini said...

HUGE congratulations Erin! She is a lovely little lady! Hooray for an uneventful labor, and 13 days early!! Funny thing: your little Kendall was DUE on Analise's birthday, but BORN on Analise's due date! Looking forward to meeting her soon!

Nicola S. said...

Congratulations all! I'm so happy for you and very glad that everything went well.
She is so sweet and what dark hair she has! I love the picture of Gillian smiling while holding her.

Nicolle Robidart said...

Glad it went all so well. She is beautiful!!! Can't wait to meet her. Put me on the list for a meal. Hope to see you soon.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations, Erin! I so wish I could give you a big hug, a delicious home-cooked meal, ice chip maker.

Thanks for sharing your birth story w/ us. She is beautiful!

P.S. I think all women in labor go through that "I can't do this" stage, but then...miracle of miracles...we CAN. And we DO. Birth is spectacular.

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. Erin, we were driving around Monterey Bay/Carmel area the 26-28 of January and every time we would see a hospital I would think about you.....Kendall does share her birthday with our anniversary. :-)

Melissa Joy said...

Congratulations Erin.
You'll believe me when I say, I can't even begin to imagine that kind of happiness.

Erin said...

Thanks everyone!!
Stef, I don't feel like we need anything, really!
And, my mother-in-law called after reading this to say she has an ice chip maker for. (!!)

Vanessa said...

Congrats Erin! She is so beautiful and it's always fun to read a birth story! :)

Christine said...

Hey I've been following your blog to see your homeschooling stuff, but I just had to say Congradulations on your new baby, she's beautiful!

Rachel said...

What a beautiful story! And pictures and children- Congratulations and I have enjoyed your blog- love the Shakespeare quote at the top too! Hope you're getting lots of rest and kisses with your sweet newest bundle of joy :).

Melissa Joy said...

Congratulations Erin.
You'll believe me when I say, I can't even begin to imagine that kind of happiness.