Monday, December 27, 2010

Consumable Christmas Attempt

Christmas gifts have all been given & received.
There was joy in both.

We've been feeling the ridiculousness in the accumulation of stuff,
and we are trying to cut back.

Scott & I didn't give each other presents.
We decided we would rather go somewhere together, then get more stuff.
(Oh.  But, we did get me this sling that I have wanted for years....
Who could resist such a sale price?!) 

Non clutter creating things we gave were
amusement park passes, beef jerky, baby bubble bath,
homemade marshmallows & firewood.

I made homemade play dough for the little ones.
We put that into "learning packs".

I bought a download for flashcards from the Yellow Mums
& Scott laminated them all for me.

Scott came up with the best gift.
He created a family game that we all played together.  It was so much fun!
We played it with my family & everyone who could 
write their own answers participated.

Everyone was given a sheet of paper with questions 
that they needed to answer about themselves.
Once everyone turned in their answers, the moderator read it all off, 
& everyone had to write down who they thought the answers belonged to.
What musical artist totally blows you away?  What animal best represents you?
Sometimes it was pretty funny!

It was a fun day!


Stef said...

all I want to say is... FUN! The game idea sounds like such a trip! I love games like that because as you're having fun, you also either learn more about people or even realize you didn't even know a person you thought you knew well.

Sounds like great gifts too! I love the flashcard/learning bags idea too.

Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful idea! We gave mostly consumable gifts this year too - and only for the kids.

I like that you gave amusement park passes. To Disneyland?

Also - that sling is lovely (and wow - that price can't be beat!).

Krista said...

The game was so much fun, we should play it every time we all get together. :) Or not. Maybe we would get sick of it... but the point is that I liked it. Lol!

We love our presents from you guys, firewood is perfect for us! We have been talking about buying in bulk, but a whole cord seemed waaaay too much. Now we can have some more date nights outside at our fire pit!!

Erin said...

Krista - the wood smells so good, huh?
Stephanie - the park passes are to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. That is much closer to us than Disneyland (& cheaper!). We've been gifted Monterey Bay Aquarium passes & Gilroy Garden passes in the past, too. Both were fabulous!

Charlotte said...

I love the idea of consumable gifts for Christmas. and amusement park tickets are such a great idea! Happy New Year, Erin!