Thursday, December 30, 2010

Traditions, the Take Down, the End

We don't have too many established traditions as of yet. 
 At least, not much that is very original.
At the beginning of December, we start doing our little advent calendar.
We have a Bible verse in each daily drawer, pertaining to Christ's birth.
And, we usually have some little treats, too.

I generally don't like to go shopping in December.  
But, Scott & I always take a short time to go out with just each other 
& get a few things for the kids' stockings.

We have given each of the kids a special ornament from us, for each Christmas.
This year, I blew that one a bit.  I let them play with their ornaments 
& they have become toys instead.

On Christmas Eve afternoon/evening we open any presents 
that came in the mail from out of towners.
We have a nice meal.  So far we are going with the seafood theme.
After dinner, we open our stockings. 

We don't get good pictures.  That is a definite holiday tradition. 
We are always too caught up in the excitement & mayhem.  
It just doesn't happen.

Early Christmas morning, we pack up & head to my parents - kids still in PJs.
We open stockings there, & presents & my Dad makes breakfast.
We hang there until meltdown/naptime.
Then we go back for dinner.
And, we don't remember to take pictures of any of it.

A new tradition that we are beginning this year is the stocking note of hopes.
Check out this blog post.  I love the idea!
We will write notes tonight or tomorrow before everything gets put away.

We did a little photo shoot this morning, prior to our Christmas take-down.  
Gillian is frowning in most, because Christmas is over.
Each time the photo was taken, though, she ran over, 
crazy-silly, trying to see what a funny girl she was in each picture.

And, take down took a bit of a downward turn.
Gillian thought she should see what happened 
when she turned the screws in the tree stand.
Everything crashed on the ground.  What do you know?

I wasn't laughing.

We only had one casualty, though.  Which is pretty amazing.
Most of our ornaments are delicates.
I love this ball. 
But, we still have 2 more.
So, I was able to not have a total meltdown.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2010.  That seems crazy.

Oh.  Our New Year's Eve tradition is not staying up until midnight & not partying.


Stef said...

your Christmas traditions sound fun, but your lack of ringing in the New Year made me sad. Maybe some year you should come up here and we can party with you!!

Sorry about the broken ball :(

A Clean Desk said...

thank you for sharing Erin. I appreciate your honesty!

We don't ususally stay up to ring in the new year either . . . who wants to begin the new year tired and grumpy?

Stephanie said...

Our family traditions are still evolving too. I'd like to be more intentional in the coming years about forming some unique ones that make Christmas more meaningful.

P.S. Our New Years Eve tradition is the same as yours. ;)