Monday, December 13, 2010

h is for horse (& Holiday Hiatus)

h is for horse

We pretty have done close to no preschool work since before Thanksgiving.
I guess "h" has really been for holiday around here.

I haven't had much creative energy for school prep & such.
I guess my brain has been elsewhere.

I didn't come up with anything genius to do with the horse theme.
We got the Horse Eyewitness book from the library.
We are slowing going through that.  It's a little tedious for such little kiddos.
But, they enjoy it a page or two at a time.
We just borrowed a horses & ponies board book from my little sister.
The kids are liking it a bit more.

We did horse races.
We tried doing a slow walk, a fancy trot & fast gallop.
The kids thought it was a blast.
I got worn out real fast.

Anyway.  There is the proof.  That's about all we've done for H is for Horse.
That is over a few weeks time, too.
The holidays have overtaken us.

Not that we've been doing mountains for Christmas stuff.
We haven't really.
We've had some out of town family visits.
We've decorated some cookies.
I had a last minute bridal bouquet order -

Mostly I've been working to organize a fundraiser event for World Orphans.
We are holding a Dessert Auction this Sunday.  It should be fun.
I am baking away.
And, trying to make sure I have everything we need.
And, reminding people all the time to come.
And, praying for all the right people to be there.
I am hoping there will be a good group of people in this area
who get excited about the work that World Orphans is doing.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that someone else has had trouble gaining traction lately :) Thought I would share one of our favorite preschool activities (a mostly hands-off for Mom): sheppard software. It's an online activity center that Lib and Justus enjoy using.

Nicola S. said...

I love the bridal bouquet. So beautiful.

Stef said...

the flowers turned out gorgEousO!! Love them.
The H horse turned out super cute as well!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful bouquet! It reminds me a bit of the one I carried at my wedding.

Wish I could be at your dessert auction. I hope it's a huge success - beyond your wildest dreams.

Stef said...

the flowers turned out gorgEousO!! Love them.
The H horse turned out super cute as well!