Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the practice of making it special

What sort things do you attempt to practice in your everyday parenting?  
Stuff that help you love the role.  
Stuff that makes the hard job of raising little people a little more "doable".
My friend Sarah has published a great series - the practices of mothering.
I highly recommend you check it out!
And...  she is inviting others to share their own practices in a blog carnival, February 6th.

People, I love the domestic arts.  I do.
It is kind of my "thing".
I love making home special.

When I was single & young & crazy, I loved a good party.
I still do.  Mostly they look a little different, though.
(Not because they used to be crazy drunken, irresponsible-type parties; they weren't.)
Just because having a home loving husband & 4 little people to care for, 
big parties aren't really on the agenda.

In the not-so-quiet, home-staying life we live, I like to find things to celebrate 
and ways to make the everyday stuff a bit more special.

(Kendall is one!)

I like fresh flowers on the table & I like candlelight.
I believe in baking the fancy cake just because 
& not saving the good "company" meal for company.

Not that I do that stuff all the time.  
And even when I do, it doesn't mean "I have it all together" or some such nonsense.
It is just my thing I love & a way I like to make our family's home.
Sometimes we choose the special, over the toilet scrubbing & dish washing.

Whato do?  Whato celebrate?
We can have fun with any meal, since the kids eat on these plates - 

I am thinking of serving these for April Fool's Day -

I remember doing this kind of toast as a kid.  Special & fun & cheap & simple

okay.  most of my ideas are food related, I suppose.  
How do you like to make these special in the every day?

Do you have a practice of mothering you would like to tell others about? 
Join the link up on February 6th with Sarah Bessey.

update you guys.  I got these paper straws & they are super fun.

just enjoyed a chocolate "milkshake"
chocolate soy milk
almond meal
peanut butter
coconut oil
acai berry powder

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