Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Love You S'More than...

Have you read "I love you, Goodnight"?
We've had the little board book since Gillian was a wee babe.
I love you like I love blueberry pancakes!" is how the story is written.
I've always given it a slight adjustment.  I love my kids more than that.
We read it, "I love you more than I love strawberry milkshakes".
Get it?

Gillian, on her own, began "writing" her own poetry inspired by the book.
She started it one day on a long car ride.  A sort of a game.
It is now a regular form of love lines we give each other.

Some of her brilliant lines of love poetry -

I love you more than hummingbirds love nectar!

I love you more than bees love stinging!

I love you more than syrup loves pancakes!

I love you more than numbers love counting!

I love you more than people like wearing panties!

I love you more than hearts love blazing love!

Brilliant, right?  She is such an artist.

We had a living room tent & fire for an "I Love you S'more" evening.

We love these kids s'more with every passing day.

(Yay!  Daddy embraced the camera!)


Stef said...

Ah! So cute! I love the way her creative mind thinks.
Also, the glasses - are those new? She looks so grown up and adorable in them!

Jessa said...

I feel the love! Delightful!

Jo Dee said...

cute picks. way to embrace the camera daddy!;)