Monday, April 16, 2012

I Trust You Because... {a love letter}

Dear Scott,

I trust you.  It would be hard not to.

You are a trust-worthy sort of man.  You don't aim to charm, to impress, to attract.
You aim to be honest & true.
(I find that very attractive & rather impressive, by the way.)

You don't speak kindness to me to get something you want.
You speak kindness to me because you love me.
You wash the dishes because you want to serve me.
You tell me you can't believe how lucky you are, because you mean it.
You don't act or speak to control or manipulate.
I trust your motives.  I've always seen you to be a man of integrity.

When you tell me how madly you love me, it is hard to believe.
Only because, I wonder how can you be so gracious to me.
Can your love for me really cover all the multitudes of my sins?
But I trust your sincerity.  I trust your honesty.  I trust your love.

When you tell me all those things you say, about how I look to you -
you know the stuff - the stuff that seems hyperbole to me, or all together not true,
I trust they are true to you.
I hear it in your voice.  I see it in your eyes.
It seems your heart is completely visible to me.
And I trust it.

I trust you because I think I would have to be completely paranoid not to.
I can't help it.

I trust you because I trust that God gave us a good gift in each other.
I trust He will give us enough love & forgiveness to live in honesty together.

I plan to always love you,

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Marriage Letters is a weekly writing project you can find at Amber's place - The Run a Muck.
This week's topic is I Trust You Because...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I simply wanted to take time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your site.

Stephanie said...

What a gift it is to have a good marriage.

I, too, am married to a trustworthy man. I can always count on Tim to speak the truth in love - even when it hurts.