Monday, April 23, 2012

Weathering Loss Together {love letter}

Dear Scott,

Seven years ago we were newlyweds.
It was only the April before when you asked me to be your wife.
We were in love.  We wanted to give each other everything we had.
We didn't know that April,
standing in the dark on Cavanaugh Hill, on the edge of the forest,
overlooking the Pacific shore,
when we said we wanted to share in everything together,
we didn't know what the next spring would bring.
The next year would mean we would share in heartbreaking loss.
That April we waited with tears for the day our son would be
born to us & lost to us.
But we were blessed to share it together.

I have heard that pain & loss can pull a marriage apart.
That is what the surveys say, I guess.
This storm crashed around us.
But the waves of our pain pulled us into each other.
We learned a deeper part of vulnerability.
Our pain & loss taught us more about love in real life.

Thank you for bearing my burdens in grief.
Thank you for trusting me to bear your burdens in loss.
I am grateful that God used sorrow to bind us together.

As we go forward sharing in everything, I know there will be more we will lose.
Big & small disappointment.  Big & small pain.
Whatever I may lose, whatever you may lose, let's suffer the loss together.

I love you more than I did that night I said yes to living (& losing) with you.
So much more.

Marriage Letters is a weekly project concocted by Amber & Seth & Joy & Scott
as a way to encourage each other in building up our marriages.
Joy is hosting the link up where you can read all the letters this week, 
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Anonymous said...

stopping by from letters...oh yes...the suffering wants to pull us apart...but thanks be to God we have a gravitational pull...pulling us to God...pulling us to one another. blessings to you~

Nicola said...

Erin, what a beautiful, outpouring of the heart. I loved this letter.