Monday, May 7, 2012

Moira is Ready to Turn Three

Moira had been anticipating her birthday with the typical pre-birthday excitement.
She has been talking about her hopes for Hello Kitty scones,
Hello Kitty hot chocolate, Hello Kitty cake, Hello Kitty...

Until this weekend…
She has been complaining of her leg hurting lately. 
This is no surprise.  I remember having bad leg cramps as a little kid.
I still have them on occasion.  Gillian gets them often.
I was messaging & stretching her leg that was giving her trouble.
I told her that her body was stretching out & growing up, since she was turning three soon.
I said that she was getting growing cramps.
She started crying a bit. 
That night she cried when I tucked her in & said she didn’t want to be 3.
I asked why not.  She said she didn’t want the cramps to be owie.
I prayed for her, that her legs would feel better soon. 
She added, “and don’t let the cramps bite me.”

Thinking about that as I left her room, I realized what she thought was happening.
The next day she was still very sad about her birthday coming so soon. 
She was not looking forward to it.
So, I told her that cramps are when her muscles are worn out.
She did not have crabs in her leg. 
A smile broke out across her face & she started laughing.
Now she is ready to turn three tomorrow.

The end of the year interview is complete.
I am not sure about some of her answers.
She rarely finishes her pizza. 
She would eat 2 eggs, three times a day, if meal planning was up to her.

What is your very favorite food?  Pizza
What game do you like playing the most?  Super Avengers Team
(this game is made up by the kids with the help of Dad.  
Various super heros & avengers & such fight against the evil forces.  
Moira usually has the skills to power up others.  
She holds out her hands & sends bolts of strength through her fingers, to her team mates.) What is the best t.v. show to watch?  Cailou
Who is the coolest person you know?  Grandma & Lizzy
What is the neatest thing you have learned in school?  About birds, like B.B.
(b.b. is our neighbor’s cockatiel – full name – Bird Brain.)
What is something you are super good at?  Playing toys
If you could take a trip anywhere in the whole world, where would you go?  
to feed the ducks
Where is your favorite place to go?  Out to pizza 
(I don't know if we have ever gone to a pizza parlor with Moira...) What is your favorite animal?  Flamingos
What is your favorite color?  Purple & Pink
What would you like to be when you grow up?  Drive Tractors
What is your favorite song right now?  “I love Mommy & Daddy…” 
(singing a song made up at that moment.)
What is the best book you have read lately?  Jesus book
What is your favorite snack food?  Cereal
What food is the yuckiest to you?  Sandwiches  (??)
If you could have one wish, what would it be?  
That I would have a heart to go to dragon land.
(uh.  Dragontales… okay)
What is your favorite memory?  Seeing the Flamingos
(this was with Papa Bill & Auntie Kim at the Escondido wild animal park)

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Nicola said...

that interview cracked me up! Love the pictures, what a sweetheart.

Happy 3 Birthday, Moira