Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kids & Types {knowing}

I love personality assessments.  I’ve said that before.  Myers-Briggs and all that jazz.
I think I am an ESFJp 
I know that is cheating…  But, I waiver between the J & P.  
And sometimes I waffle on the N & S, too.  I am so confused!  Or maybe just balanced? ;)
My husband is an INTJ.  Totally.
As the kids are growing, 
I often wonder about their unique personalities & try to understand their own little “bents”.

I found this website that has an assessment quiz that you can do for your child.
Of course, I can’t resist that. 
The test is geared toward children 7-12.  I know mine aren’t that old yet.  
But, I gave it a go, for the two oldest.

Some of the questions were tough.  Surely I won’t be able to “get” their personalities completely.
But still, it has value to help me in trying to know them.
Giving it my best shot, I came up with the results of ISJ for my Gillian & IFP for my Peyton.
I can see how the results are fairly accurate, although some things are off.  
(Gillian is quite intuitive.  I may have come up with the completely incorrect letter there - N instead of S?)
I didn't do the test for Moira yet.  I am certain she is an E & probably a P, but not sure of the other letters.

I think she is perhaps a lot like myself.  So, it seems a little easier for me to “make sense” of her & what she does.
I like how the results offer learning style help for the different types. 
Try the test out your kids & tell if you think it seems helpful.

That’s about all I have for the thoughts on knowing your kids.
I was too lazy/shy to ask anyone to write a guest post.
If you have something you want to write as a guest post, let me know.
Check back Friday for my closing thoughts & a continuing blog community idea.


Brittany Martin said...

That's funny--my two boys got two exactly different types of extroverts, EFP and ESJ. That explains a lot!

Erin said...

Nice Brittany! Pretty fun, right? :)