Monday, May 14, 2012

A Gift of a Day

In anticipation of Mother’s day, Gillian & Peyton had gone on an exploring adventure.
They gathered rocks & daffodils & a dandelion puff ball, all for me.
They were very serious about keeping their secret.
Peyton greeted me in bed on Sunday with a Ziploc bag & a rock.

We had a perfect breakfast at Wyatt’s.
We played at Moore park on Klamath Lakeshore.
At “home” we went on an exploring mission to find lava rocks for our goldfish tank.
Scott likes to always change the little fishies’ environment for them with new rock designs.
We rested in the shade on the lawn with our collection of rocks.
The kids created design & design idea.

It is such a gift, being a mom! 

a hair cut that gives wings to fly away on, courtesy of his mom...

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