Tuesday, February 8, 2011

j is for jellyfish - preschool lesson

We read a couple Jellyfish books.

They had good photos.
Facts we learned about the Jellyfish - 
  • they are mostly made of water.
  • they have no brain, heart or bones.
  • the smallest jellyfish can be smaller than a penny.
  • the biggest can grown as long as a blue whale!
  • most jellyfish live in the ocean
  • their bodies are called "bells".
  • They have a mouth under their bell & tentacles that hang from the bell.
  • Jellyfish feel soft & gooey & are covered with mucus.
We read a book called Ooey Gooey ABC's. 
There were a bunch of other mucus covered critters in there.  

Then we made some Ooey Gooey Putty ourselves!

The recipe is simple  
Mix 1/2 cup hot water in 1 bowl with 1/2 Tablespoon of Borax
Mix 1/2 cup water in a bigger bowl with 1/2 cup (4 oz.) Elmer's Glue

Mix borax/water into the glue/water.
Add a little food coloring.
Stir & stir.  Squish & knead.
It will be separate & clumpy for a while & super slimy.  
Keep going & soon you can take it out of the bowl & play with it.

Play with it in the kitchen, though.
You won't want to pick it out of the carpet.

We read a cute story book that still teaches facts about Jellies -
Jenny Jellyfish.

We were in the midst of Jellyfish school when Kendall was born.
Daddy took the big kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium one morning 
while Kendall & I rested at home.
The Jellies exhibit there is gorgeous!
But, it was hard for daddy to get a good photo 
while guiding 3 littles through the crowds.

*  I came across this Jellyfish photo from 3 years ago & had to add it.  
Check out Gillian's hair!*

We colored this Jellyfish picture with watercolor pencils 
& then painted it with water.

We did letter tracing & bean bag toss with letter j.

Words we came up with - 
  • jet
  • jungle
  • jacket
  • jump
  • jello
  • jam
  • jelly
  • jaguar
  • jingle
  • jiggle
  • jogging
  • just
  • jewels
  • junk


Nicolle Robidart said...

Love the Jelly fish "J" picture!! Super cute!! I can't believe how fast you are back to the normal schedule. You are SUPER MOM!! I am impress! :)

Erin said...

The kids loved the glitter. :)
Not super mom, really Nicolle! I am so dragging & grouchy today. :(

Stephanie said...

I am totally impressed by your husband's picture of the kids at the aquarium.

I am totally impressed that you are still doing homeschool activities with a newborn in the house.

In sum, I am totally impressed by your family.

P.S. Jellyfish have no brains? Weird!


Erin said...

The kids loved the glitter. :)
Not super mom, really Nicolle! I am so dragging & grouchy today. :(