Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Letter for Moira

Moira Quinn,

Have we really only had three years with you? 
You are such a beautiful, vibrant addition to my life.
You are a gift.
I see joy in you – your bright eyes & your ready laughter.
You are so eager to love others.
I love the way you say “der welcome!” when someone thanks you.
When we praise you for your kindness to another,
your smile beams bright & your shoulders come up to hug your own face.
You run & jump & squeal & sing & you are a delight.
I know you are stubborn, too.
That’s okay.  That means you can stand strong.
If you give all this up to Jesus, He will use you in great ways.
I am blessed to be able to watch you grow.
Your year number four is looking like it will be pretty wonderful.
I love you,


Nicola said...


Stef said...

such a sweet letter! Happy 3rd birthday, Moira!

Nini said...

Happy Birthday to Mo! And Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope she enjoys her special day and that her cramps go away!

Stephanie said...

What a lovely tribute!

I particularly liked this part:
"I know you are stubborn, too.
That’s okay. That means you can stand strong."