Friday, April 13, 2012

They Saw Me {knowing}

I am from a big family.  The third child of ten children.
I loved it.  I still love it.
Living in a big family does not mean that you need to go through life unknown.

Your identity to many may be, "you are a Lutz, one of many."
And when you have a really amazing older sister,
who is well known amongst your circles as being an awesome teacher,
some people may often assume you have the same set of skills & passions.
But my mom & dad knew me.

My mom always said I was creative.  She told me that & she told other people.
She encouraged me in taking classes at the junior college in furniture design & building.
(Okay, she tried to get everyone in the family to take that class, but still.
She encouraged me.)
She carried on in the sewing lessons, through all the tears & the drama & the "I can't do it!"
She had a hunch that I actually could do it.

My parents saw that I cared about people
& they encouraged me in my various service endeavors.
My dad helped get me jobs where I could help take care of people.

I had to do things I didn't like, too.
They didn't say, only do the things that make you happy.
That's not reality, right?  We all have to do things that are tough & not really our "thing."
But they knew what "things" were.  They saw me.  And loved me.
And they still do.

All that to say, a big family does not mean you will automatically
get muddled in with everyone, without the chance to be seen.
My parents helped to instill confidence in me.  Confidence in who God made me.
I love them for that & I love who God made me.

(And my sister who is an excellent teacher?
She is teaming up with me to help teach my big girl how to read.
Thanks for sharing your skills & passions with us!
Your niece is beyond excited.)

this is just some of the family here


Nicola said...

Erin, what a great post. You have completely summed up how your parents "knew" each one of you. I can hear your parents saying some of the things that you have mentioned.

P.S. Loved the Easter pictures. Miss you. Hope we can get together while we're in CA in July.

Stef said...

Loved this post. Very sweet and true. I think I find myself taking MORE time to really get to know my kids, individually, the more we have. The other day Rachel asked what my favorite color was - I asked her "why do you want to know?" and she said "because you know everything about me, I want to know everything about you" :)

I remember your mom wanting you all to take that class! You did take it, right? I seem to remember a stool or some type of chair you built there and I loved it.

Erin said...

I miss you, Cola!! I was thinking of your last visit recently with much fondness. I would love to see you in July!

Holly D. said...

I second Cola's comment about your parents. Through all the years we've known you and your family, I vividly remember thinking that your parents really knew each one of you. I think it was Jacob, that one night your dad made the comment that "He's not himself tonight. Has he been like this all day?" I loved that even though he'd just come home from work, he, almost instantly, knew Jake wasn't feeling well.

emilie said...

We love the Lutzes!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm a third child too - third in a family of six kids. :)